English 10


Language is Power!  This year you’ll be continuing to set the foundation on which all of your English Language Arts classes will be built. English Language Arts encompasses the ability to read well, write well and speak well. These skills are necessary for achievement in any field of study as well as all careers.

The questions that we will be examining all year in English 10 are “What are the consequences of our actions?” as well as “What makes a good leader?” We will be reading novels, plays, short stories and poetry. Each student will have a vocabulary textbook, and most weeks there will be vocabulary homework. A robust vocabulary makes reading and writing easier. Some class time will likely have some time devoted to independent reading. A half-hour of reading homework is expected each night.



  • Everyone deserves a safe environment in which to work.
  • Everyone deserves the right to work hard without the interference of anyone else.
  • Everyone deserves to be respected.
  • Try your best at all times. Being a slacker is disrespecting your talents!


  • Bring the following items to each class:
    • Computer
    • Writing utensil
    • English folder with lined writing paper
    • Independent reading book
    • Homework on the day it is due.
  • Homework is due printed at the beginning of class. No excuses. If you feel you have a valid reason for an extension, please approach me before class begins and we’ll talk.
  • Be responsible for YOUR OWN learning. Copying work from other students, either on a test or ANY other assignment is unacceptable. PLAGIARISM includes copying even one sentence from another source and using it as your own. Cheating incidents will be handled on an individual basis and will involve grade deductions, deductions on citizenship grades, and parental contact.
  • If you miss class, speak to me either before school when you return or briefly at the beginning of the class.  I will not chase you down to make up tests or hand out make-up work. It is the student’s responsibility to discuss missed work with the teacher the day you return to school.
  • Work assigned before an absence is due at the beginning of class the day of your return.  Tests scheduled before an absence are to be taken the day of your return if other arrangements have not been made.
  • I am trying my hardest to help you learn all the skills of English Language Arts; I anticipate that you will try your hardest to learn them. If you need extra help, I am always available before or after school.


Participation/Employability Skills

You will be graded everyday on class participation/employability skills based on the rubric below.

  1. Productive attitude, on task and engaged
  2. Respectful people skills
  3. Punctuality and preparedness


Students will return all materials to their proper place after using them.

Students WILL NOT write on any furniture.

No food, gum, or drink (except clear water bottles) is permitted unless pre-arranged.  No electronic devices are permitted in class (cell phones, iPods, etc).  If your device interrupts class,it will be taken from you.


Grading Categories

Your class grade will be based on the % of total points earned in each weighted category:

  • Assignments and projects 40%
  • Tests/Quizzes/15 Min. writing 20%
  • Independent Reading 30%
  • Participation 10%




All students begin the quarter with an “S”.  Respect for the teacher and fellow students will earn an “S”/“S+”.  Disrespect for the teacher or others will earn an “S-“/“U”.