COVID-19 Collaboration

Cordova Corona– 2020 Art Students at Cordova Jr./Sr. High School,

Digital Medium w/Pencil, Paint, Colored Pencil

*Click on the image to dive in.  Zoom to see the detail these artists put into this piece*

Artists involved: Anika Jensen, Ria Smyke, Faith Collins, Arianna Ryan, Jheryel Itliong, Levi Pearson, Allison Ritter, Faith Hatch, Hawken McLaughlin, Vincent Nothstine, Logan Quinn, Shaunessi Schandel, Janrey Carig, Lizzy Heidebrink, Zya Taylor, Maggie Herschleb, Holly West, Mhikee Gasmen, Aaliyah Tiedeman, Grace Collins, Floyd Witsoe, Xavier Russin, Tana DeCook, Arthur Adams, AJ Bourgeois, James Corales, Sam Pulido, Alice Graves, Colby Carter, Dominic Harris.

In light of Quarter 4 and the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Orders, art students at Cordova Jr./Sr. High School took part in a collaborative visual project to commemorate the events.  Week to week, students were asked to complete prompts related to the pandemic.  These pieces were then combined into a digital mural which highlights the following:

COVID Monsters:

We’re all hiding from a beast that spreads and feeds off of our socialization. What does this beast look like?

Waves of Emotion: 

“We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden.”

Create patterns in your wave that mimic the emotions you have been feeling throughout this pandemic.

Helper Spirits and Amabies: 

In Japanese mythology, there is a creature known as Amabie. It is a 3-legged mermaid who has been known to bring good crops and slow epidemics. Currently, artists all over Japan are creating artwork featuring the creature to help flood the internet with its image and slow the epidemic

In reality, real people are doing whatever they can to slow the pandemic as well. Essential employees and wonderful helpers have been working to keep our society going. Whether its doctors or nurses, grocery employees, or airline employees, people are in positions that require them to face the pandemic head-on. The list of helpers goes on and on.

Draw an Amabie or Essential Helper.