April 1, 2021


My March has been stressful to say the least. From the stress of finishing the quarter with good grades to having to find constant distractions in order to have a sense of peace. As you can see, there is quite a bit going on in my collage. The bottom seven pictures represent the foundation of what was going on throughout this month. It has been filled with love, loss, heartache, and chaos. Above is a random order of everything I have been doing to distract myself. I arranged these images in no particular order to represent the randomness and simply always looking for something to do without a second thought behind it. I have used my love for music and dance as an escape to express how I feel. I have gone outside at any time of day to enjoy the beauty of our earth. I have grown closer with my culture through reading books to learning how to cook my grandma’s recipes. I have grown stronger in my faith and have hope that April WILL be better.