November 14, 2020


My mom was born in the era where video games were becoming mainstream, so she was always hands-on with a new gaming console. Just like my mom, growing up I was surrounded by the latest gaming technology; Gameboy, all forms of Nintendo, PlayStation when it was just a PSP, you name it. I’ve spent limitless hours playing countless games, but I was never really the best, so I’d always have to ask Philip to beat a level or ten for me. Having been so awful at games, I decided to steer away from it and let other people who were good keep at it. Though I could never pass up a couple rounds of Wii bowling or Mario Kart.

Ms. Peyser argues that video games are more stimulating than binging Netflix, and I would have to agree. Although they are both entertaining, you are required to engage in video games, whereas you’re staring at a screen watching a show or movie, but you can doze off from boredom and forget you were even on Netflix. Video games most definitely build bonds and strengthen relationships, and I can see how it can be considered a whole new type of media. The idea of building relationships through video games is quite pleasing, since video games require teamwork, which allows us to know more about the person playing with us. As you progress, you will understand how your partner thinks and forms opinions. For instance, “Detroit: Become Human,” a decision-making game about androids, would be a good example for getting to know your partner better.

November 14, 2020


Let me just start by saying I have played many video games throughout my childhood whether it be platformer games, fighting games, first-person shooters, or battle royals I’ve played them all. They all offer a different appeal and are totally different from one another. In my opinion, playing two different games is like reading two books from different genres. But no matter what game you play even if it’s a game based around a story you will always be interacting with other characters and exploring new areas. This sense of exploration and curiosity is rivaled by nothing except for real life. When you are bingeing a show however you have no control, you don’t move the characters or affect the outcome of the story, and likely characters will do things you just hate to see them do. Sure you can get into a show but to me, it will never be quite as immersive as when you’re in a game. In her article, Ms. Peyser refers to video games as “a whole new type of media” and I couldn’t agree more. When people argue that playing video games is just like watching a movie I find it almost insulting. How can such an interactive, customized experience like playing a video game be compared to watching a series of pre-recorded videos cut together in a predictable manner? It’s simply boggling to me. All of my friends (female and male) play video games together and even if they aren’t experienced with a game everyone can have a good time. It’s sad to me that older people who didn’t grow up with this new form of media usually view it in a negative way because they only see its appeal to children. By doing this they prejudge video games and miss out on an extraordinarily unique experience.

November 14, 2020


Video Games

Similar to Ms. Peyser, I used to think that video games her unappealing and because of all the negative stigma that surrounded them I also believed they were unhealthy or not a good use of time. Over the years, as I was able to develop my own opinions of video games by seeing how they are a part of my friends lives and I think it is unfair that they are so heavily criticized by some people. Plus, if you are having fun and enjoying yourself then isn’t that a good use of your time? One point that Ms. Peyser brings up is how video games are a much more stimulating activity for her and her boyfriend as opposed to binging Netflix. Even though I don’t play many video games I would have to agree with this. Video games actually require you to think about what you are doing and especially if you are playing with other people it can be extremely exciting. I often find myself wishing I knew how to play more video games so I would be able to participate and make that connection with others. Perhaps one of the reasons I was never interested in video games is because I grew up thinking they were a strictly masculine hobby. This was another issue Ms. Peyser addressed: “So I viewed video games as boring and hard, distinctly masculine, inaccessible…It’s still true that gaming has a long way to go in connecting to women.” As of now, if I were to spend more time exploring video games I think I would find it difficult to get past the degrading gender stereotypes that either over-sexualize or just make women seem so much less capable than men. Hopefully as stereotypes become less and less cared for in society video games will also make strides towards depicting female and male characters as equals.

November 14, 2020

siebmia week_10

        Video games are often indicative of a culture and its values, which is what makes them so problematic. Many videogames are fixated on violence and as Ms. Peyser described, portray women in misogynistic ways. The obsession with violence in our culture does not come from video games, it’s merely furthered by it. Often, politicians point fingers at video games to distract us from their own incompetence or relieve themselves of the responsibility we elect them to take. Video games can in fact connect people, but they can also become unhealthy obsessions and coping mechanisms that harm people’s relationships. Platforms like Twitch allow people to stream and let the audience interact with the host, which is one of the benefits of modern gaming. Hasan Piker, one of Twitch’s top streamers, uses his platform for political commentating as well as gaming. Piker’s degree in Political Science (from Rutgers University!) informs his commentary. Recently, he played Among Us with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, in a unique blend of gaming and politics. These streams are more accessible and more appealing to younger generations because of this combination. 

         Ms. Peyser pointed out that video games have a long way to go in connecting to women, which is an important point. Women are underrepresented in the video game industry, both as gamers and as characters. When women are included in the gaming community they are often sexualized and objectified. As Ms. Peyser pointed out, this can lead women like her away from these games. With more representation and more accurate representation, the industry may feel like a more welcoming space for everyone. 


November 14, 2020

dundjtre Week 10

My thoughts on whether “video games were a ‘drain on young men’s brains’ that hobbled ‘their ability to form real bonds.'” is that this is only the case when the time spent on video games is pushed to the extreme. At this present time the ability to interact and spend time with friends is lower than ever and one of the most popular ways to still be connected with friends is through playing video games together. Not only can you play with friends that live close but you can also play with friends all over the world which opens up endless possibilities to stay in touch when people move. In limited amounts video games allow friends to interact when they cannot physicals meet but when it starts to take over peoples lives then it becomes a problem. When it gets to this point instead of helping friends stay connected it harms people’s ability to form real relationships because when people are online they can focus on the game they are playing while they talk with one another. In real life there is usually not something to distract people form one another so if they play to much video games they will struggle to form relationships if they can’t talk to people without something to entertain them. If you look at video games purely based on facts they seem pointless and a waste of time because they consume your precious time without any benefits besides temporary entertainment and a way to pass time. As someone who has played video games there is something amazing about being able to travel to another world and experience countless adventures with friends but in the end it is only a video game and not real life and because of that people should be making the most out their actual life.


November 14, 2020

Reyegra_Week 10

I used to be a gamer when I was younger because my siblings were big gamers and they got me into gaming. I remember playing games like RuneScape and Minecraft on the computer, Monster Hunter and Animal Crossing on my DS, and Wii with my family. I don’t play as much as I did when I was younger because I got busy with school, however I still play games with my siblings to have some bonding time with them. I don’t despise gaming, I think it can be very fun and a good way to bond with people. Excessive gaming, however, can be problematic if it gets in the way of bonding with friends and family. I agree with Miss. Peyser that gaming can drain peoples brains and keep them from forming bonds if they get too addicted and play too much. Too much of it is bad if they push away spending time with their friends and family to play games. For example, being locked inside their room playing video games while the whole family is having a movie night or playing board games. Or being asked to hangout with friends outside, but would rather stay inside and play games all day. Regarding people who like to game, there should be a healthy balance of playing games and spending time with loved ones. I agree with Miss. Peyser when she said gaming is, “much more stimulating than just bingeing Netflix together.” People who like to game shouldn’t completely cut off gaming because it increases brain activity, productivity, social interactions, and problem solving. A good example of how gaming can strengthen relationships is how Peyser’s partner invited her to play with him and taught her how to play, instead of ignoring her to play by himself. Allowing another person to join you can help build a bond instead of pushing them away to play by themselves. Playing video games can strengthen relationships and it does have its benefits, however it should have it’s limits to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of bonding with loved ones.

November 14, 2020


I am not a gamer: although I have played a couple different video games throughout my lifetime, I’ve never been into them at all, and would never spend a lot of time on them. I feel like it’s a waste of time, and something that I personally don’t find fun. I’ve played Mario Kart and Wii Resort, and older games like that, but that’s only fun when you’re with a group of friends, and I wouldn’t consider that playing video games so much as I would just hanging out. I would certainly never go out of my way to play video games, because they just seem pointless to me and I don’t like the negative connotations associated with them. I agree with Ms. Peyser’s statement that videogames are “culturally worthless.” I don’t like video games, and although I’m sure they reap many benefits, I believe the negatives outweigh the positives. Pick up a book, watch a documentary, learn something or go outside. Video games consume so much time and you gain some pretty bad habits from games as well. Addressing the question about video games being more stimulating than Netflix, I agree with that. I would rather have my little kids playing a game and learning hand-eye coordination, or analysis skills than having them watching a show over and over. I don’t think it’s something we should start exploring more: I believe that we need to focus more attention on reading, or artwork: something that stimulates the brain while also doing something useful and not detaching from reality. 

November 14, 2020

KinsJaq ToW week 10

From the very begining video games earned a bad reputation for a variety of reasons. The sometimes lude or crude behaviour of some games came as a shock to parents worldwide and the objectification of woman in video games was almost notoriuos. One of the most common critique though is that video games take a toll on the youths minds and influences them in a negative way that impacts their proccessing and day to day relations. Contrast to these accusations however the evidence from both personal expierence and scientific research proves that the outcome can be positive. From my expierence it has brought together groups of friends to play in person or more and more online as of late. In person we gather together to watch a movie and its kind of fun because we are all together but when we play we interact in an envirement where we can make jokes and have fun. Though sometimes it can get a little “Heated” and it causes mild conflict. In the end though it ends up being a fun envirement where we can play with people who are in the same house as us or quite literly across the globe. I think that video games can be damaging if abused and overexposure happens too often. So like with anything else too much of soemthing is bad for you but a little bit of it and taken in moderation can be healthy and fun. Even acting as a stress reliever somthing that all of us need more of in these times.

November 14, 2020

esguala_week 10

Playing video games can be an entertaining and mentally stimulating way to spend your time. There are many different categories of games that can appeal to countless consumers. This allows for a wide range of people in the gaming community. Each person possibly holding a different reason for playing. Wether it be to relieve stress, cure boredom,  improve you memory, or even to improve interpersonal relationships, video games can aid you in doing so.

During quarantine we had a lot of time on our hands. This left many to their own devices and many, including myself, turned to playing video games as something to do. I would frequently call my friends and play on multiplayer Minecraft for hours. This helped keep my friends and I connected throughout the quarantine period. Recently a new multiplayer game that is easily accessible has become popular. This game is called ‘Among Us’. The game only takes a few seconds to load up and you can easily connect with your friends using a game code. My friends and I call through a group Facetime and just enjoy each other’s company, while also lying about who the imposter is through our teeth.

Video games are definitely more engaging than binging Netflix. Playing video games requires a certain amount of engagement and focus, where watching Netflix does not. Many video games require you to use a controller. This takes hand-eye coordination and serious concentration if you want to make your character move in the right ways. You can simply put Netflix on in the background and still comprehend what is happening in the show or movie, but if you were to just put a video game on in the background it would be completely pointless. If video games are something you think you could enjoy, then I do not understand why you would not try.


November 14, 2020


Video games are a recreational activity that can be very fun. A video game’s goal is to be entertaining, interesting, and involving. If a video game doesn’t succeed in all three of these categories it won’t be very successful. This is why I believe video games are better than Netflix because when people find a video game they like they will actually think about how to improvesolve problems the game gives them, and they themselves will socially interact with other people who play the same video game. These reasons are why video games are better than watching Netflix as you actually use your brain to interact with people and solve problems instead of just watching a story. Chess in the 1960s to 70s was very similar to what video games are today as chess used to have massive conventions and many people are competitive in these video games like Overwatch or Starcraft 2. Of course, there are some downsides such as being too much of a distraction from society and being unhealthy for your eyes or body; But Netflix has the exact same problems while also having problems of its own like it is less enjoyable, less stimulating, and people can easily zone out while watching Netflix. Video games have not been around for a very long time as they started to appear in the 70s starting out in arcades. Over the decades they have slowly become more prominent as they have been criticized for being a negative influence on the younger generations, but video games can be used as a mean of bonding for families and friends especially during the current time we live in where people can constantly move from place to place.

November 14, 2020


The over-sexualization of women in videogames is no new topic and has been one discussed quite frequently throughout the gaming community. I believe that there are many games that participate in this, but they are becoming fewer and fewer as time goes on. Ms. Peyser brings up how all the women in the GTA universe are all portrayed as nagging wives and slutty daughters, a legitimate complaint, but I would remind you that GTA V was released in 2013, and it has been seven years now since it’s release, and I believe much progress has been made since then. Evidence of this progress comes from a game called Red Dead Redemption II, release in 2019 and made by the same company as GTA. In this video game, we get to see all kinds of different characters, and many of the most interesting ones are women. Some of the women in the game are a little slutty and some are annoying, but there are also many who are not. For instance, the most prominent female character in the game is Sadie Adler, a badass woman who has an independent spirit and can fight better than most men, showing that the gaming industry can make cool female characters too. I personally like this mix of both kinds of women, some who suck some who don’t, because it makes it feel more real, and shows that while some people are bad there are tons who aren’t, and even though some of the women are annoying, there are still some who are inspirational and are independent and warriors. Don’t get me wrong, many gaming companies still need to make improvements on how they portray all women, but there has been significant progress since the gaming industry’s infancy.


November 14, 2020

Hambame Week 10

When I was younger I would go over to my friends house and we would often play games together on the Wii. We always had a blast playing Mario Kart or Just Dance and grew much closer. As said in Ms. Peyser’s article we were also able to have inside jokes and just laugh and have fun together. We would often play with her siblings so I grew closer to the rest of her family as well. My family is involved in video games and we often play together on the switch and we bond over the fun we have together. Video games can bring people together over common interests especially with the hundreds or even thousands of different games. It is easy to find a game that will be fun for all those involved and that you can bond over. There is a large gaming community and it brings people together and connects them with their common interest in video games. My brother has made some new friends within the gaming community and they have a blast together over discord playing Minecraft. On the other side of things it has made my brother stuck to his computer in his room and he socializes less with our family and with friends in person. Video games can cause people to be less social when face to face and hurt relationships with others. So while it can be a good way to connect with people there are downsides especially when you become addicted to playing video games.

November 14, 2020


I have never been a gamer mainly because it has simply never been a “thing” in my family’s life considering we are all girls. I know that girls today are gamers but growing up, it was not a very common thing. I used to not have such a positive outlook on video games because I simply thought they were a waste of the day but after researching more about it and seeing the flip side of gaming, they are not all that bad. As Ms. Peyser argues, video games are more stimulating than watching Netflix for hours at a time in my opinion. They are interactive and allow you to connect with other players, meanwhile if you watch a Netflix show it’s not interactive and the most interaction you will get is with the people you are watching it with.

Being someone that does not play video games and have never really looked into them, I am not too sure if they should be something that people should explore together. Being in a technology era, screens have taken over our lives, so I do not believe that it should be something that we should dedicate time in our life considering how much screen time we are already getting. In the sense of whether or not we should pick video games over binge watching Netflix, I would say so. It gives people things to do together when times are hard, AKA how times are now with the Coronavirus. They allow some brain stimulation and provide some sort of interaction with others, even though it is not the ideal face to face. They can strengthen people’s cognitive skills like memory, reasoning, awareness, etc.

November 14, 2020


Like Ms. Peyser, I also previously thought that video games “hobbled people’s ability to form real relationships,” but upon further thought, I realized that every hobby or obsession can cause someone to isolate themselves. Doing nothing but playing video games for hours on end is just the same as doing nothing but drawing, or nothing but dancing, or nothing but singing. So while it is possible that video games can get in the way of forming real bonds, that is not something that is unique to gaming. When shared with others, games and hobbies can become catalyst to deeper relationships. Also, games are meant to be interactive, so of course they would yield different cognitive and social reactions than if you just sat down and binged whatever mindless show was on TV.
Now, while there are many fun and challenging video games, the problematic gender dynamics exhibited in many popular games is something that can’t be overlooked. It’s not hard to see how misogyny has survived, what with how women are portrayed in some games. In my personal experience, someone I was knew treated me very respectfully up until they started gaming. I’m not blaming the games entirely, but they definitely had a negative effect. After playing them, he started exhibiting the same disrespectful attitudes towards women as many of the male protagonists in his games. In that sense, video games have leagues to go in order to connect to women, because first they must prevent the furtherment of sexist ideas.