Advanced Placement

Language and Composition

Or……  the time when you take charge of your education, become an independent learner, and begin to read and write with purpose and for fun.

“AP English Language and Composition engages students in becoming skilled readers of prose written in a variety of periods, disciplines, and rhetorical contexts and in becoming skilled writers who compose for a variety of purposes. Both their writing and their reading should make students aware of the interactions among a writer’s purposes, audience expectations, and subjects as well as the way generic conventions and the resources of language contribute to effectiveness in writing.


The course allows students to write in a variety of forms-narrative, exploratory, expository, argumentative-and on a variety of subjects from personal experiences to public policies, from imaginative literature to popular culture. Therefore, it emphasizes the expository, analytical, and argumentative writing that forms the basis of academic and professional communication as well as the personal and reflective writing that fosters the development of writing facility in any context….Its purpose is to enable students to read complex texts with understanding and to write prose of sufficient richness and complexity to communicate effectively with mature readers” (The College Board).