Hi and welcome to the Mt. Eccles Elementary School Renovation website! First of all, congratulations to all of Cordova on passing the Mt. Eccles bond election. This will be an exciting project for the community and we are thrilled to be part of it. I have never had the opportunity to work on a project that enjoys 86% community support before!

This website has been created by the Cordova School District to help provide information about the project to anyone who is interested. We are hoping to make this an interactive tool to primarily educate the students at Mt. Eccles about what is happening with their school during design and construction. However, we are also hoping that middle and high school students—as well as the general public—also finds it helpful.

I will try to provide updates about once a week describing the both the project and the design process. Hopefully it will help people be well-informed about the “new” Mt. Eccles as well as giving a little glimpse into the life of an architect and engineer.

Thanks for logging in! Please make sure you leave a comment if you’d like. We’d love for people to get involved!

Corey Wall

MRV Architects

Welcome Mt. Eccles Renovation Followers

Hello Mt. Eccles Renovation Followers,

Welcome to our construction blog!  Our goal is to involve all interested parties with current information regarding our construction projects.  By engaging our elementary students with this effort we will be able to access current photos, brief comments from each, as well as input from the many bloggers such as you.  It is a great opportunity for all involved to grow with the technology available as well as track one of the greatest projects in recent years in Cordova.

Happy Blogging!
Jim Nygaard
Superintendent of Schools
Cordova School District