Simpler Gym Construction Time Line

Real progress is being made every day at the work site. Please feel free to come and visit the observation room.

Task Name Duration Start Finish
MOB 2 Days 6/29/09 6/30/09
Blasting & Site Work 30 Days 6/15/09 7/18/09
Abatement 14 Days 6/17/09 7/2/09
Demo of Simpler House 5 Days 6/29/09 7/3/09
Form & Pour Footings 8 Days 7/20/09 7/28/09
Form & Pour Walls 34 Days 7/29/09 9/5/09
Form & Pour Slab 7 Days 9/7/09 9/14/09
Set Steel 24 Days 9/7/09 10/3/09
Pour Roof Slab 7 Days 10/5/09 10/12/09
Install Roof 24 Days 10/12/09 11/9/09
Frame & Sheet 8 Days 10/5/09 10/13/09
Install Siding 7 Days 10/10/09 10/17/09
Interior Framing 14 Days 10/12/09 10/27/09
Mechanical 180 Days 10/12/09 5/11/10
Electrical 180 Days 10/12/09 5/11/10
Sheetrock 20 Days 11/2/09 11/26/09
Finishes 150 Days 11/23/09 5/17/10
Substantial Completion 1 Day ? 7/15/10 7/16/10

Ground Breaking Ceremony

Today was a beautiful day for a Ground Breaking Ceremony. At 2pm, many people came to see the “official” ground breaking of the Mt. Eccles Renovation Project. There were several speakers, lots of sun, and a cake. What more could you ask for?

Cathy Sherman spoke for the City. Jim Nygaard, the Superintendent of the Cordova School District, spoke regarding the scope of the project. Principal Frank Wicks spoke about the history of the project.

Cathy Sherman, Jim Nygaard, and Frank Wicks

Linnea Bradford spoke on behalf of the Parent Teacher Association. Valerie Covel spoke for the Cordova School Board, and Mayor Tim Joyce spoke about the project.

Linnea Bradford, Valerie Covel and Tim Joyce

Then, Ms. Bradford, Ms. Covel, Mayor Joyce and Mr. Wicks got to work with their shovels.

And then, Cathy Sherman dished out the cake!

Welcome Mt. Eccles Renovation Followers

Hello Mt. Eccles Renovation Followers,

Welcome to our construction blog!  Our goal is to involve all interested parties with current information regarding our construction projects.  By engaging our elementary students with this effort we will be able to access current photos, brief comments from each, as well as input from the many bloggers such as you.  It is a great opportunity for all involved to grow with the technology available as well as track one of the greatest projects in recent years in Cordova.

Happy Blogging!
Jim Nygaard
Superintendent of Schools
Cordova School District