Ground Breaking Ceremony

Today was a beautiful day for a Ground Breaking Ceremony. At 2pm, many people came to see the “official” ground breaking of the Mt. Eccles Renovation Project. There were several speakers, lots of sun, and a cake. What more could you ask for?

Cathy Sherman spoke for the City. Jim Nygaard, the Superintendent of the Cordova School District, spoke regarding the scope of the project. Principal Frank Wicks spoke about the history of the project.

Cathy Sherman, Jim Nygaard, and Frank Wicks

Linnea Bradford spoke on behalf of the Parent Teacher Association. Valerie Covel spoke for the Cordova School Board, and Mayor Tim Joyce spoke about the project.

Linnea Bradford, Valerie Covel and Tim Joyce

Then, Ms. Bradford, Ms. Covel, Mayor Joyce and Mr. Wicks got to work with their shovels.

And then, Cathy Sherman dished out the cake!

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