Working as a Team

With completion of design for the Gym Addition Project scheduled for less than 2 months away the whole design team is hard at work. Building projects usually start with just the Architects involved. As I talked about last week, we sketch out ideas for the way a project will look and how all the rooms will fit inside. However, there is much more to any building than just the way all the rooms fit together—a building has to stand up and have heating and lighting and many other different systems. These systems are all designed by different Engineers who are part of the design team.

Right now we have about 5 different offices of Engineers all working away on the Mt. Eccles Gym Addition. All of the work of the Engineers is interrelated and it all has to tie back to the architecture. For example, Roger and Doug are our Mechanical Engineers and they are working find out how big the fans will need to be to heat and ventilate the Gym. Barry and Ryan are the Electrical Engineers and they are working to provide electricity to the new fans. Troy is our Structural Engineer and he is working to see if he can make a roof that is high enough to fit the fans inside.

It is an exciting time when all of the different parts of the building are being worked on at once. Over these next couple of weeks the Gym will go from just a sketchy idea to something that can really be constructed.

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