Corey at the Haines Public LibraryBefore we go any farther, I should probably introduce myself! My name is Corey Wall and I work for MRV Architects in Juneau. You can find out more about us at if you are interested. Our firm is one of 10 or 15 in Alaska that does a lot of school projects. We just finished the big new high school in Juneau called Thunder Mountain High School and an elementary school remodel that is a lot like Mt. Eccles called Harborview Elementary. Most of my work for the past year-and-a-half was on Harborview, so you’ll probably catch me referring to it a lot.

I am an Intern Architect. That means that I have gone to school to be an architect, but have not finished all my on-the job training yet. An architect has to get a college degree in architecture—either a Bachelors or a Masters—and then finish three years of training, and then pass 9 tests! I kind of took the long route to becoming an architect because I worked for MRV for many years before going back to school to get my degree. I hope to be all finished with my exams and be a full-fledged architect by next summer.

I will probably be the person that is the primary worker on the Mt. Eccles project, but there will be lots of other people involved. Paul Voelckers is the Principle-in-Charge—or the big boss—of the project. He is overseeing many projects at the same time including a new library in Petersburg and the new Cordova Center. We also have a team of engineers on the project. The architects are usually in charge of deciding how the new building will look and how it will be made. The engineers help us make sure that the new building has enough heat and light and will stand up. We’ll talk more about the engineers as we go on, I’m sure.

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