In this article a orca was spotted in the Pacific Ocean off Russia, and the thing that makes this news worthy is that it was a fully white orca.There has been two other white orcas have been seen in area, but that this one that they have spotted is the first fully grown male. They have decided to call him Iceberg, because he is fully white. It is said that researchers will return to the sight where they spotted Iceberg in hope to find out if it is an albino or if there is some other reason for his white color.

Why do you think Iceberg is white?

Do you think that the researchers will be able to fine Iceberg again?

Skin Deep

In this article two biologists from Harvard realized that a sharks skin can boost swimming. Sharks skin is coded in razor sharp tooth like scales called denticles. These denticles are thought to act like the dimples on a gulf ball, disturbing the flow of water over the surface of the sharks skin to reduce drag.

This article caught my attention because I enjoy to swim. This article talks about the sharks skin and how it makes the them move through the water faster. They tried using Speedos but it had no effect on the speed. They are going to keep working with the shark skin to maybe find new material for swimwear.


Do you think that it is a possibly of new swimwear?

If they do have the new swimwear will it be kind of scaly like the sharks skin?

Tinker Toys

In the article that I have read they did tests with octopus’s. the tests was to see how long they would play with a cretin toy. They would either play with a plastic cow with rings connected to it, a plastic colored pliers, and ball of interlocked rings.

The scientists’ put two octopuses’, a male and a female, in a fiberglass tanks  that was 1.3 X 1.3 m with water 1 m deep. Each of the three was presented nine times, once in the morning and twice in the afternoon at least two hours apart. They recorded the time that the octopuses’ fiddled with them.

The thing that I liked the most about this article was that they had octopuses’ play with the toys that they set out. Even though the cow was fiddled with for the longest time, What if the added a different toy in the scenario?

Cannibalistic Polar Bear

Shrinking ice flow and global warming have deplete the seals and food source in the Arctic. This creates problems of starvation for polar bears. Polar bears are an extremely strong animal and to keep up this strength they have to feed on meat, generally seals. When it is not available they can and will feed on sea gulls and eggs but that is not enough to keep up their strength. Polar bears have increasingly been seen to feed on juvenile polar bears, becoming cannibals.  Seeing this in graphic detail, one will notice the strength and power the polar bear has. The ice depletion and lack of food will effect the polar bear population.  Add to that the cannibalism and the population will deplete even faster.



Do you think that if humans were put in this situation that they had nothing to eat would become cannibalistic?

What can we do to slow this possibility of extinction?

Do you think that the female would eat the juveniles as well?

Do you think that they would resort to eating their own cubs?

Don’t Turn Your Back

Did you know that it is the male penguin that makes the nest and cares for the baby eggs?  I learned in this article the males the one who builds nests. The penguins in Ross Island, Antarctica are the builders and care givers in the family.  This group of penguins has over 250000 males and then the females and a ton of juvenile birds. They said that the noise that is made by penguins hurts their ear.  The males build nests with rocks.  The males with the nicest nests attract the females.  The photographers who were there tried to get video of the penguins building their nests, however there are so many it’s hard to get them without other penguins getting in the way.  They finally got video of a male building the perfect nest.  He would gather rocks and put his nest together.  Every time is an effort of futility for that poor guy. All of his efforts to attract a nice female were gone every time he leaves to get more rocks. Lesson learned, don’t turn your back.

How long does it take for a penguin egg to hatch?

How cold do you think the male penguins’ feet get staying in one spot holding the egg?