Dolphin Speakers Going Hammer

I read an article about researchers in Japan who created a prototype of a dolphin speaker that projects dolphin communication sounds, whistles, pulse sounds and echolocation clicks to gain insights into how dolphins communicate.  Yuka Mishima, a graduate student at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, along with university colleagues and collaborators at Fusion Inc. will present their research at the Acoustics 2012 meeting in Hong Kong. Dolphins can hear and produce sounds of up to 150 kHz in frequency, which are too high for humans to hear. This project will give us better understanding of the dolphins’ communication and detection skills. Their goal was to develop a dolphin speaker that could project the full range of all of the sounds dolphins make. Once the dolphin speaker is completed it will enable them to playback a variety of dolphin sounds to dolphins, which will help to broaden the research of their acoustic abilities.

What do you think about this?
What can we learn from studying dolphin acoustic communications?
What other sea animals can we build speakers for?

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