Surfs Up!!

Heres one for the record books! Last November, in Nazaré, Portugal Garrett McNarmara rode on a 78 ft wave. He was named winner of the Biggest Wave Category in the Guinness World Records. McNarmara said he didn’t really care about winning the Biggest Wave, just happy that he got to share it with his hometown and Portugal.

Do you know what was the biggest wave surfed before this one?

Do you know where?

One thought on “Surfs Up!!

  1. I thought this was pretty cool. I would think that if your going to surf that big of a wave that youd be pretty excited about making the Guinness Book of World Records, but i guess that kinda thing does matter to some people. I read in another article about McNarmara, that was talking about how another man named Miguel del Toro surfed a monster 100 foot wave in patagonia, which completely beats McNarmara’s 78 footer. Great Post!

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