Striped Do-Dolphins

I read this article about Striped Dolphin that can be found in Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This species have a unique look to them that is very interesting to us, they feature long strips of dark blue on their lighter colored blue bodies. A striped dolphin can be easily identified by the long bluish-gray stripe that runs along each side of their body. It also has smaller narrow dark stripes on each side. There are plenty of different colors too including shades of gray, brown and many more colors, these are absolutely gorgeous dolphins that people love to look at. : )! I read too that this species don’t like to the cold water because stripes dolphins want to live only in the warm waters and they like a tropical waters, they characterized their long and narrow beak, they can swim very fast and are quite the acrobats. The exciting about this Dolphins that they often breaching, pinning and flipping out of the water, often upside down, and I read that dolphin can rotate their tail energetically before reentering the water, people called this a “Roto-TaiLing”.


Do you think this species is dangerous?


What do you like about this species?

One thought on “Striped Do-Dolphins

  1. Wow, this is an interesting article. I did not know that the dolphins could have that many different colors on them. The fact that the dolphins Roto-TaiLing before returning to the water is quite fascinating. I think that the dolphins could possibly be dangerous partly because they are related the the orca. Overall I thought that this was a good post, good job.

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