Blind Eye!

I recently read this article about how sharks are color blind. Even though the sharks are relatives to rays and chimaeras they don’t have color vision like they do. Even though the sharks eyes function function over a wide range of light levels, they only have a single long wavelength sensitive cone. They say that this new research on how sharks see may help prevent attacks on humans, and also assist in the development of fishing gear that my reduce shark bycatch in long line fishing.

They looked at the retinas of 17 shark species caught in different variety of waters in both Queensland and Western Australia. The most common type of photoreceptor in the species were Rod cells. Ten out of the 17 species had no cone cells. Cones were found in the retinae of 7 species of shark from three different families and in each case only a single type of long-wavelength-sensitive cone photoreceptor was present.


1: Do you feel safer now that the sharks eyesight may prevent attacks on humans.
2: How long do you think it took to figure out about the sharks colored vision.

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