Clown Tang – Tang Clown

I read this article about the Clown Tang that can be found throughout Central Pacific and Indo-Pacific oceans. This species have a yellowish head and body with prominent horizontal blue stripes edged with black. In their heads, the stripes converge around the eye, their  lower part of the body is pale blue, In their tail is black with blue margins, But careful It has a long spine on the tail stem that can cause a painful wound. This species is a popular in aquarium, but a large tank is necessary because the species grows to 38 cm in length only, because clown tang needs a lot of swimming and oxygenated with lots of flow. When I read the whole article I found that this clown tang can put in a smaller tank as juveniles, but for long term health we must have a very very very large tank that can range up to 240 gallons or more, and I found out too that this species is dangerous. So I think this species shouldn’t be collected for the hobby.


What can we learn about Clown Tang?

Do  you think you can eat this species?




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