Spinning Ice Circles


I was looking at this article that was talking about an extremely rare phenomenon that usually only occurs in super cold places scientists called “Ice Circles”.  These ice circles are formed when the ice in a body of water gathers in the center, rather than forming around the edges.  How this happens is a very slow moving river current forms an eddy that rotates, forming the circular ice pattern.  Then very slowly the edges are ground down until a gap is formed between the eddy and the surrounding ice.  The article said that these circles of ice can form so big they can have a diameter of up to 500 ft.  The reason why I chose this article because when I was looking through the science articles, this one instantly caught my eye.

Do you think that in some places in alaska it could get cold enough to actually form these ice circles.?

Do you think that eddy currents can form anywhere in Cordova that could create an ice circle?



Lobster Farming!

I recently read this article that was talking about making a fully functioning lobster farm, Knowing full well that there has been attempts in the past to try and develop these types of farms. Most in the past were complete failures and were a huge loss of money. they plan on making the farm in a cove off the shore in Malaysia where it would be in complete protection from all of the elements and storms. the company designing this farm wants to be able to produce mass amounts of lobster for food chains like “Red Lobster” and Outback Steakhouse.


Do you think this is a good idea for our environment?


Do you think that this time around they will have a successful?



Salmon Fishery Crash

After reading the 3 articles about the salmon fishery crisis on the west coast, write a 2-3 paragraph COMMENT that addresses the following questions.  Be sure to use complete sentences and spell check your response before submitting. (I highly recommend typing it in word, saving it, and then pasting it in!)

1. What do you think about what has happened over the past few years on the west coast?  Explain.

2. Do you think it is possible to happen here in Alaska?  Explain why or why not.

3. Do you think that this cycling in the commercial fishery is normal or something that will worsen over timefor other species and fisheries around the world?  Explain why or why not.

4. Imagine if this crash and slow recovery were to happen in Cordova.  Explain what you think the specific impacts would be on our community AND how would it impact you and your family if at all.

Visitor Reflections

We have just had 2 classroom visitors to help compliment our fisheries unit in Marine Biology.  Mike Webber graciously spent four days with us teaching us how to carve traditional halibut hooks to better appreciate old fishing tools and techniques and Virginia Lacy kindly took time to speak to us about her subsistence diet and the changes she has experienced over her lifetime.

Now I am looking for your voice.  How have these visits impacted your learning and experiences?  Were they valuable to you?  Please take the time to reflect in a well-written and detailed COMMENT in which you specifically address the following:

  • Do you think it is valuable to learn about traditional practices, such as spiritual views, fishing tools & techniques, carving and subsistence lifestyles in a modern world? PLEASE EXPLAIN why or why not.
  • What did you like and/or dislike about the carving lessons?
  • Was the carving a valuable thing to incorporate into a Marine Biology class? Explain!
  • What did you think about hearing an elder’s perspective on subsistence living and changes over time?
  • Do you think it is a valuable thing to incorporate visiting speakers like this into a Marine Biology class?  Explain!

Feel free to share any other thoughts you have about the lessons that may not have been addressed by the questions.  Be sure to spell check before submitting!

Sea Lions < Salmon

I recently read an article that said the fisheries service was authorizing Idaho, Oregon and Washinton to permanently remove the specific California sea lions that are aparently eating the protected imperiled salmon and the steelhead trout that normally live below the Bonnevile Dam as they head up the Columbia river to Spawn. This authorization becomes effective on March 20 and stays in affect until the end of May 2016, Basically what this does is allows people to kill sea lions that are seen around the area in which these fish use for spawning in order to preserve the fish species.

Do you think this is the right thing to do to the sea lions?

What are some alternatives that could be done instead of this?