Little Turtles’ Big migration

I was reading this really cool article that was talking about how when turtles get old they migrate back to where they were born to give birth to their young.  It turns out that their reproductive migrations aren’t the only migrations they make in their lifetime, when they are young they make a longer “even more amazing” migration than when they’re adults.  It said that researchers tracked the baby green turtles who migrated the distance from where they hatched in Costa Rica all the way to North Carolina and Bermuda, before they go and spend their adulthood in Nicaragua.  They said that the study suggested that these adolescent migrations can be very dangerous for the young turtles, and they may need to officially protect the ocean corridors they travel to.  Also the article talked about how there are some turtles such as the largest sea turtle, the colossal leatherback, are becoming critically endangered because of these migrations.

I think its pretty amazing how these young turtles can migrate that far of a distance by themselves but i would think that i would be really scary, and I had no idea that they made more than one big migration other than the reproductive migration they make when their old.

Why do you think that the turtles make this migration when they’re so young?

What could be a reason for the Colossal Leather back becoming endangered?




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