What the Nautilus?

I read the article about the mysteries of the nautilus. one of the interesting things about them is that nobody knows where their eggs are laid in the world. Also, nobody has been able to raise one from egg to maturity. We don’t know their lifespan and how long it takes them to mature. Even their population count is a mystery to us. Nautilus reproduce for many years which nobody knows how long either. However, we do know that they only lay about 12 eggs each year. Nautilus eggs are among the biggest compared to other animals the same size as a nautilus.

I learned a lot of about the mysteries of a nautilus. I didn’t know there were so many things we haven’t discovered from nautiluses. Somebody should start a research team that is dedicated to finding the answer to all of these mysteries. They should capture nautiluses and put a tracking device on them. Perhaps this will help us find where they lay their eggs based on where they go or how long they stay on one place. Who knows what other mysteries they hold? More research on them will help.

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