To fear or not to fear the Octopus


I read this article; about how to successfully maintain keeping an octopus in your aquarium at home. Sound sketchy? Octopus are said to be maybe the most intelligent being able to change color, size, speed, and shoot out ink. Octopuses are able to adapt to new situations, and get through small spaces. Here is a quote from the article: “With chromatophores, iridocytes, and a well-developed nervous system, octopuses can quickly camouflage themselves to distract or scare a predator. Another amazing characteristic is that octopuses change their color seemingly to reflect their mood: usually strong red indicates ‘anger’ and white denotes ‘fear.’ There are exceptions to this.”

They seem pretty sketchy to me, however, they pose little threat to man. Max Gene Nohl, a diving expert, summed it up by saying “In my opinion the chance of a diver being attacked by an octopus is as remote as the possibility of a hunter in the woods being attacked by a rabbit.” Octopuses may be hard to capture, because they’re very intelligent and are known for making great escapes. Also, they need to be alone in the tank because they’ll eat all of the other little critters you put inside, or at least try to. If you somehow successfully capture an octopus, put a lot of hiding places in the tank as well and “weld shut” the lid. I know if I was put in a tank, they’d better weld that lid shut.

Here is another quote:”Octopuses are very responsive to their environment. If you have had an octopus for a few weeks, something is seriously wrong if it is hiding all the time, especially at night, and still not eating. Prolonged whitish coloration, especially if the octopus is not eating, is not a good sign.” Octopuses are nocturnal, so if you don’t see it at night there’s probably something wrong. You should probably feed the Octopus at night, if you go to sleep early. If you wake early you should feed it in the morning. One last note, if others keep their octopus in a tank with no lid, I WOULD DEFINITELY NOT advise YOU to do this AT HOME.

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