Cuttlefish (picture)

I am mostly interested in this article, describing what cuttlefish are. I find it very cool that the flamboyant cuttlefish can change colors, and how the lines move on the cuttlefish body. Most people say that they are the most advanced vertebrate found. Even though they are closely related to slugs, they have much better motor skills, sensory structures and highly developed heads.

Another example of their advanced body is their eyes. They are very similar to many other vertebrates which could help study eye evolution and functions. Cuttlefish have layers of color producing cells that work together to get different patterns. Which look awesome on flamboyant cuttlefish. The top three color pigments seen are black/brown, red/orange, and orange/yellow. I think that these fish should be protected because they are very cute and colorful. Do you think that the cuttlefish could be considered a violent endangered species?

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