i just recently read an article about the population of octopus in the puget sound, i think that its pretty cool how the scientist look at water depth, the distinguishing landmarks, types of seafloor. All of these factors are taken into considering before making the final analyzes. Initially they found that there was only one octopus seen per 3.125 dives which turns out to be a 0.16 octopuses per diver ratio and in which were mostly femalesĀ  guarding there eggs which isn’t very good considering there initial thoughts But on the other hand considering the fact that there is this many octopus’s being seen in highly used close dive sites it ends up showing that the octopus’s aren’t being harmed by all the diving activity. I really like how the scientist are so incredibly complex when developing there theory’s behind why the octopus might be harmed. And how there are people who are actually worried about the likely hood of the nearby wildlife. This shows me that people actually do care and the world around us, and kinda shows that we are concerned. I’m personally wondering how they specifically determined that the species wasn’t being threatened at all, they just conducted test about it recently, What about different part of the year?

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