OMG thats big

I was mostly interested in this article.  In Puget sound Dr. Roland C. Anderson is in charge of a research program for giant octopuses mostly on how many are down there and to conduct a survey every year to see if the population is healthy or if there could possibly be something wrong. To help them with their research program they enlisted some sport divers in the area to help look for the octopuses also sent out information to pretty much anyone who would like to help.

They agreed to chose a late winter date because apparently octopuses are seen more in the winter time because there is some evidence that the octopuses will look for deeper parts of the ocean to find cooler water in the summer time.  Also the diving is better in the winter because there is less plankton in the water making it more clear. they were to report any octopuses findings and when they came up most of the octopuses they had seen had made dens under docks and places close to land.
Do you think that this is a good idea to be researching the population of octopuses?

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