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So, I was reading this article about the rising sea level, and it says that the annual rate of sea level change is .13 in a year! Which would be 4-8 in every 20 years. Within the past century, burning of fossil fuels and other natural activities have released heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere. Which has caused the Earth’s surface temp to rise and oceans absorbing 80% of this additional heat.

These factors are causing the sea level to rise massively. Inland it can cause erosion, flooding of wetlands, contamination of aquifers & agricultural soils, loss of habitat for fish, birds, and plants. It can also cause larger storm systems to be more destructive. A recent study says that we can expect to see the ocean rise between 2.5ft and 6.5ft by 2100 ans will swamp most of the U.S. East Coast cities. And if there was a complete meltdown of the Greenland ice cap the sea level would rise to 23 feet. Which would be enough water to completely submerge London and Los Angeles.

*did you know there is enough water in the East Antarctic ice sheet to drastically change sea levels by 164 feet.

I think there is pretty much no way of stopping the sea level because of global warming, do you think we could take precautions and try to help slow the rising down?

What do you think would happen to all of the people living in the coastal areas of the world?

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  1. Another great post Stepmel. That picture is crazy looking! I think there are ways to help slow down the effect but there is no way to stop it completely. The people living in the coast would have to move inland to avoid death and to survive. great job.

  2. The overall consensus is that can be stopped and is preventable. Humans activities are considered by most of the scientific community to account for the vast majority of the observable phenomenon. I would think that it would be rational to curtail human usage of polluting fuels.

    People living in coastal areas would be displaced, but it would not happen rapidly enough to seem like a catastrophe. Global warming could however precipitate natural disasters in coastal regions, which would result in rapid displacement.

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