Lobster Divers

An article talks about a 21-year-old man lobster diver who is paralyzed and dying. Expert says that a sickness called “the bends” which caused by diving too-deep without the proper equipment was the reason that this 21-year-old guy is paralyzed and dying. A diving safety expert named Eric Douglas says, “It’s incredibly dangerous, what they are doing”. He also said that they are poorly trained, equipped and they have non of the basic things that divers today would consider mandatory equipment.Divers from Honduras do lobster diving for a living and they still plummet to dangerous depths of up to 120 feet, and divers sometimes do this sixteen times in one day. Dr. Elmer Meija who has treated 250 injured fishermen in the past three years at his clinic in La Ceiba, Honduras. Dr. Elmer says, “it’s very difficult when you see very young people paralyzed from the neck down below and you know they will not improve”. Honduras’ government is also trying to find a solution to the deadly diving cycle.

Do you think that their government would keep people from diving?

What do you think about this kind of job?

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  1. I do not necessarily believe this is a matter which concerns government, but rather personal choice. I highly doubt that such laws could actually be effectively administered and enforced. Obviously such a job has very great risks inherent, I personally would not take such a job.

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