Virus Killer!

I was reading this article that talks about sharks and it said that they could cure human diseases, including all viruses. Dogfish Sharks are mostly the ones that has the virus killer but scientists are still trying to find out if other sharks have them too. The new study says that it can also disrupt virus’s life cycle and prevent it from replacing in. “Sharks aren’t just tough on the outside”, it was one of the line as scientists describe the new study. Leader Zasloff predicted that clinical trials for the antiviral will begin in people in about a year and he also said that some sharks have been hiding an anti-biotic called squalamine. This article also talks about how the virus of a human could possibly be cured by the anti-biotic of a shark. This article surprised me because I didn’t know sharks could be a solution for our health problems like dengue and all the other viruses. It also gave me the idea that if sharks could kill viruses then many animals could might do the same thing.

Do you know any animal that kills viruses?

What do you think will happen to the patient that got cured by sharks after?



One thought on “Virus Killer!

  1. That’s very interesting. From your article, viruses seem harder to get rid of than it seems. I searched up what animals can kill viruses and I find out that some scientists use horses and cattles’ immune system to hunt and purge cancer cells through the lymphatic system. I don’t think it should be tested right away on humans so soon until they find a way to make it safer to use since it says it’s very toxic.

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