Infectious Salmon Anaemia


I read this article about a highly contagious marine influenza virus; Infectious Salmon Anemia. It has been reportedly found in the Pacific Ocean on British Columbia’s central coast. This virus was first found in Norway around 1984, also found in Eastern Canada in 1996, which has led to many of problems there. This virus was found in 2 of 48 sockeye smolts collected as a long term study on the plummet of river inlet sockeye populations. Another study found by the New York Times said that Chile has lost 2 billion because of the ISA, killing about 70% of their farmed salmon. Note; Chile does NOT have wild salmon! This virus does not affect humans!*

Do you think this virus could potentially hit our salmon fisheries soon?

Do you think ISA could spread throughout the entire ocean in the near future or in a while?


One thought on “Infectious Salmon Anaemia

  1. To answer the first question, it is at least a possibility that Alaskan salmon could be exposed to the pathogens. There is nothing suggesting that ISA’s spread throughout the entire ocean is inevitable, so an answer to the second question cannot be justified.

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