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Leafy Sea Dragon


Weedy Sea Dragon

I was reading this article about a fish called the Sea dragon.  A kind of fish that’s pretty close in relation to the seahorse or the pipefish.  There are two different kinds of the sea dragon there’s a weedy dragon and the leafy dragon.  These fish are covered in leaf-like appendages all over their bodies, and are perfectly outfitted to blend into the seaweed and kelp formations that they’re surrounded by.  Leafy dragons are generally brownish yellow in body color with  remarkable olive colored appendages. Weedy dragons have a less lively look  and are usually a reddish color, sometimes with yellow spots.  Leafies can get up to about 13- 14 inches long while the Weedies can get up to 18 inches.  These fish have very long, skinny snouts and also very thin tails which they use for gripping.  They will usually drift along with the current like seaweed but they have small transparent dorsal fins that help them swim.

Ive never seen anything like a sea dragon before and i thought they were pretty interesting and also pretty cool to look at.

Do you think there are any other species of fish that are similar to sea dragons?


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  1. All organisms are similar in the sense that they have found innovative ways of adapting to their environments.

  2. This post is very interesting because I have never seen a “dragon” fish before. I think that those dragon fish are pretty cool. According to the site i found, male carries the eggs fixed to the underside of his tail from where they eventually hatch, and also the female lays 100-250 eggs on the underside of the male’s tail, where they are attached and fertilized. I think you did a pretty good job on searching such an interesting fish. Male tails also change colors when they are ready to mate. There are no other species but they just have different colors.

  3. Wow, this is very interesting article. When I saw the weedy sea dragon I thought that is a seahorse because they look pretty close, I think the difference between seahorse and weedy sea dragon is their size. I never seen this species before this is very cool article and I’m very surprise that we have that weedy and leafy sea dragon in this world. I think we should study about that weedy leafy sea dragons. Do you know that the tail of of a male leafy sea dragon will turn bright yellow when he is ready to mate?.he weedy seadragon is the marine emblem of the Australian State of Victoria.

  4. I like how they have the shape of a serpent. Throughout reading more on these two species it’s interesting how they look just like seaweed, great for hiding from predators. Along with knowing that the leafy seadragon uses its fins along the side of its head to steer and turn itself. It’s observed that they can stay in one spot for up to 68 hours or more possibly.
    Leafy Sea dragons are a threat from both natural and man-made. For one, they are caught by people as use for pets or making medicine out of them. Two, they are often washed up ashore from nasty storms. Pollution affects them too. From these results, they are listed as endangered species.
    How are people able to find them due to the fact that they totally look like seaweed?
    You can read more info on the site i’ve read from at this site:

  5. I think there is animals similar to the Sea Dragon because most animals have relations to one another in some way. For example: A crab and a lobster. I think that the sea dragon is a pretty cool looking animal. Is it a new species?

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