This could well possibly be the biggest croc every caught. It was 21-foot-long (6.4-meter-long) saltwater crocodile, It was the biggest croc ever caught in the Philippines, and may be the world record. The 2,369-pound croc is suspected of killing two people and attacking more then 7. The former world record is 17.9 feet and if this is correct then the one caught in the Philippines is 21 feet long, That breaks the record by almost 4 feet.

1.Why do you think it was able to get so big?

2.How old do you think this could be?

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  1. I just look up the age of this monster and they estimated 50 years, which is surprisingly young. You would guess that with the huge size would come old age, but that’s not the case with this one.
    Most crocs lives between 45 to 100 years old, the average usually being around 75. Obviously the age has nothing to do with its enormous size.
    There are no proven facts why the croc is so massive, but to this date it is the largest ever caught.

  2. Wow, a 21-foot long crocodile? That’s insane! I’m so glad I wasn’t in the Philippines when this happened. It’s probably a male crocodile since I searched up that the females are usually around 2.5-3m. I’m guessing that this crocodile is about 90 years old or more. Do you think that this crocodile might have had an unusual food diet or some kind of weird factor that could have caused it to become super humungous? Hopefully this won’t become too often of a hazard.

  3. That’s crazy! It sounds like they are putting this big guy in a zoo for people to come watch this beast. I think it would have be cool if they needed to put him down to study his stomach contents. I bet you could find some pretty interesting things in there. It almost amazes that they caught the biggest crock in the world. I wonder why they took the risk rather than just doing him in. Either way this is a great story and makes me think of what other kind of monsters could be lurking around unannounced to the world.

  4. This crocodile is really big. I know about this because I already watch this in news. This crocodile named “LOLONG”. They named this Lolong because one of the hunter named Lolong who died in stroke. He died because his tired hunting this really big monster. Their Mayor decide that the crocodile name should be “LOLONG”. The people of Bunawan township in the Southern Philippines that Lolong suspect being man-eater and cow-eater. Lolong, weighing a scale-busting 2,370 pounds, is thought to be about 50 years old, and after they captured this big crocodile people in Bunawan are not worried about their lives. This is the site if you want to know about this big crocodile

  5. Oh my, 21 feet long. This thing must be old, and to get old you have to be very smart. It would have to out smart not only other predators but man as well. It had to be quick and ruthless. According to this blog it has been known to kill men as well as injure them. So I would say it’s not only smart but cunning as well. I would think that this beast would make a lot of nice boots. I wonder how much money they would make from it?

  6. The Filipino Chanel was all about this crocodile for weeks when it was caught. A lot of people actually live near where the crocodile got caught. its amazing how the people can still live there after the deaths caused by the swarm of crocodiles near them. He is kept at the Bunawan Ecopark and Wildlife Reservation Center. The croc hasn’t been eating much and experts believe that it’s because he’s stressed and that he isn’t used to his new home being kept in captivity. The croc was named Lolong which is appropriate because the word ‘lolo’ means grandfather or old man in Tagalog.

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