22 thoughts on “Christmas Carol Reader’s Response 2

  1. The ghost of Scrooge’s Christmas present was his friends Marley’s spirit. When he came he had chains all around his body, because of all the bad things that Scrooge has done. This is what’s going to happen to Scrooge if he doesn’t become nicer. The spirit told him that if he does, Marley would be freed from the chains around his body. Now, three other ghosts are going to visit Scrooge to teach him lessons.

  2. He was showing Scrooge how others felt about him. He took him to the Cratchets house and also his nephew’s house on Christmas Eve. They talked about Scrooge a lot. And explained how Scrooge doesn’t celebrate Christmas of how it should be. He feels bad for Tiny Tim because he doesn’t want him to die. When Scrooge had to leave he did not want to and he felt sad and mournful that he had to.

  3. That people can be happy by just being together. He showed Scrooge families eating Christmas dinner together. Some of the families were poor but they were content. There happiness despite if they were sick or poor. The ghost was showing Scrooge the present that could be if things were left as they were. The ghost said that Tiny Tim might die if he didn’t get help, but Tiny Tim was happy to be with his family for Christmas.

  4. He was trying to teach Scrooge that he should be nicer to people and be happier. A lot of people don’t really like him that much, and a lot of people think he’s a heartless man. The ghost brought him to Crochets house. Scrooge saw Tiny Tim, and he had a broken leg and he was sick. Scrooge asked the ghost if Tiny Tim was going to be okay, and the ghost said that he will probably die. Scrooge felt really bad for all these people he say, the ghost also brought him to his nephews house on Christmas eve. At the end of the night scrooge felt bad and he felt sorry for everyone, and he knew he should be nicer to everyone, and be happier. Scrooge went to his nephews house and the kids were playing and he pretended to play along with them, he started becoming a nice person.

  5. The ghost of the Christmas Present was teaching Scrooge that if he continues to keep denying Christmas, he will die alone and unhappy. He was also teaching him how he needs company since he’s a really lonely old man. To show him that all he was saying is true, the ghost of the Christmas Present showed him his nephew, who was having a Christmas party with his niece and friends. He showed them how much they are all having fun with company. To even make his claims about celebrating Christmas, the spirit traveled in all sorts of places. From a miner’s home to a ship full of its crews, good or bad. All of them were celebrating Christmas in every way. Going from humming a Christmas tune to celebrating it by having a small or big feast.

  6. I think the ghost was teaching him that he is a very mean man and he needs to change. People are not putting up with him. The ghost shows him all of the people that know him and what they are saying. They are talking bad about him on Christmas witch is a time of joy, caring, and being nice to others. If Scrooge acts nice he will be happier and others will like him more.

  7. The ghost of Christmas present was a happy man; he was tall and dressed in green. He was there to trying and teaches scrooge that he needed to be more kind. He showed him the home of Bob Cratchet. He shows him how kind bob is to his family and how poor they are but yet how happy they are. The spirit also shows him to the home of his nephew. While he is there he felt so happy and joyful that he started to play the games with them even though they couldn’t see him. The spirit was showing he that he needs to be kind to others.

  8. The ghost of Christmas Present trying to teach Scrooge and show him that his family doesn’t really seem to like him, they think he is a heartless beast because he doesn’t care for them. He just ignores them and when they try to be nice and caring he treats them like nothing, like they don’t even matter. The ghost shows Scrooge scenes of Christmas present, which brings him to his nephews house on Christmas eve where the family is having a good time and makes Scrooge realize that he hast been a great person to everyone and doesn’t want to leave.

  9. The first ghost was the one of Christmas past, and he was trying to warn Scrooge about the fact fact that if he didn’t straighten out, he would have to pay the price. He was saying that Scrooge needed to stop caring about only money. He needed to start being nicer to people. Then the ghost of Christmas present took him and showed him what his life would be like. Scrooge was on the way to losing everything good, that he had.

  10. The ghost of Christmas past was trying to teach Scrooge that you didn’t need a lot to be happy. Scrooge didn’t need money to be happy; Christmas didn’t have to be perfect. When they saw the poor Cratchit family, they didn’t have the fancy cloths or giant meal for dinner but they where still very joyful. When Scrooge visited his nephew he was happy too, they played games, and music they had a simple wonderful Christmas. Scrooge Had lots of money and that’s all he cared about, even his nephew said “His wealth did him no good.”

  11. The ghost of Christmas present was trying to show Scrooge what he missed when he was missing. That his family and the friends he used to have don’t enjoy him any more. Because he has shut them out of his life from being lonely.

  12. The Ghost of Christmas Present was trying to teach Scrooge that you have to do nice things to people even though they have done bad things. Scrooge had Joy in him when he was playing with his family. Tiny Tim father said good about him and he was happy. He felt like that he was starting to like Christmas. He was playing the games with his family.

  13. The ghost of Christmas present was a jolly old man. When Scrooge found him, his room transformed in to a garden of so much food. The walls had vines of berries, and there were fruits everywhere. The spirit sat on a couch, of food holding a cornucopia. I think the spirit is trying to teach him to be light hearted. The first scene they went to is the Cratchit’s house. Scrooge saw Bob’s son, Tiny Tim, and asked the ghost if he would live. The spirit said no, he’s going to die. Then they went to his niece and nephew and heard them talking about Scrooge. When his niece played her harp, it reminded Scrooge of when Fan came and got him from the school. At the end of the chapter, the ghost had two starved children with him. The boy was “ignorance” and the girl was “wants. The spirit says to be careful of both of them.

  14. The ghost of Christmas present was trying to show grumpy old Mr. scrooge that in the future people would not like him because he is a mean old man that just wants money. The ghost wants him to learn that if he doesn’t change his ways of doing things, he will have no friends or anyone that cares about him.
    At first, when Mr. scrooge went to his door it transformed and he would see food on the table. He took him to the life he will have if he doesn’t change the ways he is.

  15. I think that the Ghost of Christmas Present was trying to teach Scrooge that everyone else was enjoying Christmas, and he should, too. The scene on the streets was to show a general attitude of happiness and cheer as vendors sold delectable foods and people engaged in friendly snowball fights. Showing Scrooge what was going on in the Cratchit’s home was so he could see the holiday spirit of his employee’s family, even though they had less money than he. Tiny Tim ended up showing Scrooge that he was still a fine young child worthy of a good life, even though he is disabled, a negative aspect to Scrooge. With his nephew’s home, Scrooge was just enjoying himself.

    However, the lesson at the end of the chapter differed than what it had been previously. When the Spirit revealed Ignorance and Want to Scrooge, the lesson was to keep away from them, not letting them have a home in his heart any more. I think that Ignorance is especially dangerous since he leads to not caring about the situation of others, a trait Scrooge is notorious for. Thankfully, Scrooge listened to the Spirit.

  16. The Ghost of Christmas Present was trying to teach Scrooge the joys of Christmas and how you can be happy during the season. He showed him a bunch of people and families enjoying Christmas; even though some didn’t have a lot to enjoy they still had Christmas spirit. The Ghost showed him two men in a lighthouse in bad weather and the Cratchits with little food, but they all had Christmas spirit just like Scrooge should. He was also teaching him why he shouldn’t be mean all the time and how to forgive. Scrooge saw that even though he was mean to his nephew and niece his nephew forgave him, while his niece still thought he was stingy.

  17. The ghost showed him several different scenes, all involving food in one way or another. He showed Scrooge the market on Christmas morning and houses full people enjoying their Christmas dinners. He showed him how happy and grateful the Crachit family was, despite the fact they were rather poor. He showed him his nephew’s house, and all the fun they were having. He showed Scrooge what he was missing out on. I believe that the ghost was trying to teach Scrooge that the world doesn’t have to be dismal and terrible. He wanted him to see that Christmas isn’t “an excuse to rob a man once a year” if you show each other love and kindness. I think he wanted him to see that money didn’t matter as long as they had each other.

  18. The ghost of Christmas past came to visit Scroog in the middle of the night. He showed him his clerk’s house on Christmas and how happy him and his family is. Scroog never thought that you could be so happy with so little. He showed him his nephew’s house on Christmas and they were also very happy. Each house talked about Scroog, they both said negative things about him, although they did express they cared about him. The ghost showed Scroog many other people celebrating Christmas and none of them had very much, but they all were much happier than Scroog, who has so much. The goal of the Ghost of Christmas Present was to show Scroog this Christmas and how so many people are going to be celebrating, rich or poor. It also taught Scroog what people really think of him. It made him express emotion and I think he will be celebrating future Christmases’ joyfully.

  19. The spirit of Christmas present was trying to teach Scrooge the meaning of Christmas spirit. Scrooge was brought to his family’s home to see how they were having such fun they were having. He also went to his desk clerks house to see how they gave thanks to Scrooge even though he was under paying Davie and they all despised him. He also went to a lighthouse, a boat, an almshouse and a jailhouse to see how every one was cheery. The spirit also let scrooge see want and ignorance who would have doom written on their foreheads unless the world changes. He also told scrooge that the poor get the most Christmas flavoring because they needed it the most.

  20. The ghost of Christmas present came to show Scrooge what people think of him right now. He brought him to the house with tinny Tim and saw what they thought. At the same time he found out the if he doesn’t change tinny Tim’s future will not change and that future right now is tinny Tim dieing. Then the ghost took him to his nephew’s house where they were making fun of scrooge and playing games but at the end his nephew still had faith that he would change. the ghost took him to a lot of places where they were singing and giving thanks. All of this showed scrooge that his life was dreadful. The lesson was that he can be nice and have fun and if he did his life would be so much more fun and exiting.

  21. I think the ghost of Christmas present was trying to teach scrooge that he was all the opportunity pas him by. Mr. scrooge has people like his nephew that are trying to make him care by showing him that they care. The spirit was also trying to teach him that he should care more about others than his money. The first scene the spirit took him to see the market with the food and cheery people. the second scene showed him even the small meal of the cratchetts was a heart warming experience for Mr. scrooge. His nephews party showed him what he had been missing for so long. and the goodness of the spirit let him know what he needed to do to break the chains which he had made.

  22. The Ghost of Christmas Present was trying to teach Scrooge that he people still have faith in him even though he is so mean to everybody. First the ghost took him to the city streets on Christmas morning where everybody was out shopping for dinner. Even thought it was a blizzard, everybody was still happy and singing songs. Next, they went to the Cratchit household, where they were making dinner. They talked about Scrooge and even made a toast to him. This made him feel very happy. After that they went to several more places like the lighthouse and the ship. Everyplace he went he heard people singing Christmas carols and some people praying.

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