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My original list was very formal, generic, and kind of sounded like those inspirational Tumblr quotes, so I started over and came up with some solid self-advice. These rules are of many things I tell myself to remember and end up forgetting (or ignor (More)
High School was easy for me. It was like snowboarding. Except the snowboard was on fire and the snow was on fire because it was hell. Getting through it was quite the ride, and now it's finally over (hopefully). As Stephen Stifler's lacross coach onc (More)
Once I finally leave the house, I’d have ten rules that I would constantly live by. And these rules would be the very guidelines for the rest of my life. No matter what would happen in my life, these rules would always stick by me (Unless maybe I got (More)
Whole a** one thing instead of half a**ing two things. Things need time. You’ll feel better after turning in a well-written paper rather than one written two classes beforehand. Use your time wisely. Time is money. Procrastination is unavoidab (More)
We all want to live a happy, full life. Setting rules may not be the best way to do that, but it will help keep us in line and help us think about a few things while we’re on the journey to becoming adults. Thinking about these rules we set will help (More)
alliabi_week 22
1. Keep an open mind. Take the criticism that you get and accept the things that others do/like. Don't say you don't like anything just because someone else doesn't like it, because sometimes you haven't even tried it in the first place. 2. Don't st (More)
mumaand ToW 22
There are many different rules to life and they are all different for every body. These are my rules for life and that I will follow as I leave CHS and go on to college. Some are little things and some are big things that can change your life in eith (More)
ToW #22 pegacor
*”Pomp and Circumstance” begins to play in the distance* Before I start, I don’t expect everyone to follow these to the letter. I struggle with all of them, and I imagine everyone else does, too. This isn’t a list of demands as much as it is a lis (More)
As I end my junior year, there have been rules that I have lived by in order to survive the school year. Most of them have stuck out with me towards the end here, but I can admit that I survived this year with a whole lot of wishing and praying. Ther (More)
Rules to Live By These may not be rules that I think everyone should follow, but they’re pretty good for me. I either try to follow these, or I want to work harder to. 1) Always show your appreciation— thank God and thank people often. It will (More)
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