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deataut_Week 5
Public libraries remain relevant and important in 2018. Libraries offer free books, cultural materials, companionship, a safe place for children, and more. Libraries offer an ethic of responsibility: how to borrow, take care of, and return public ite (More)
giromar1_Week 5
Social infrastructure are facilities that serves the purpose of assisting citizens of their needs. A library is a type of social infrastructure that establishes its principles on the access of giving people a door to interacting with its “shared cult (More)
This topic of the week focuses on libraries and the given questions, are they important? Are they relevant to this era? In my personal opinion and from what I have read in an article, I believe libraries are not obsolete. Libraries provide education, (More)
Libraries are in question as to whether they are a relic of the past or are relevant to the current day, in our modern technology central society? Yes, they are the selection of books in a library is its main attraction providing large amounts of inf (More)
Eric Klinenberg's article, To Restore Civil Society, Start With the Library, said how "so many books are digitized, so much public culture exists online, and so often people interact virtually." We live in this day and age where electronic devices ar (More)
Gravkai_week 5
In Cordova many children and teenagers go to the library every day. The reason? It is something for them to do; youth in Cordova often find themselves bored because of the lack of things to do in a small town like Cordova. So, their number one option (More)
  While libraries are extremely integral to all different kinds of people to this day, the reason for their importance is shifting constantly. Public libraries were initially erected for the use of any individual in the community who wished to rent a (More)
Adamchr TOW5
To ask me if libraries are still relevant, I am of course going to say yes. However, the relevance of libraries to me compared to the rest of the world are different. I grew up in a town of approximately six hundred people, and things to do were scar (More)
The relevance of public libraries has been questioned in this week’s post. It is apparent that libraries have been falling out of American and international necessity since the creation of the internet. Because there now are so many books, movies an (More)
Libraries have been around for ages, but in the current era, they have become less and less related to their original purpose. Originally, libraries were intended to allow the public to borrow books or important manuscripts that were significant to t (More)
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