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Oxford’s choice of toxic applies to the most talked about topics of the year that are said to be poisonous. The events they had taken out of the year include toxic chemicals, toxic waste, toxic air, toxic environments, and toxic relationships. Each t (More)
WillHay TOTW 10
Both Oxford and Merriam-Webster’s word choice for 2018 can be supported with specific events from the year. While Oxfords choice seems negative at first with “toxic” and Webster’s seems positive with “justice” they seem conflicting. Once the words ge (More)
Oxford’s 2018 word for the year “toxic" is a lot more thoughtful and precise than Merriam-Webster’s word “justice,” which is rather vague and could be applied to any year involving scandals, minority movements, specific court case victories, etc., me (More)
zoer_TotW 10
Merriam-Webster chose justice as their 2018 word of the year. This word was apparently looked up on the dictionary website seventy-four percent more than in 2017. However, I do not feel it is a great word for 2018. To me it carries an undertone of pr (More)
After reading both articles I feel like I could agree and disagree with both of the Dictionaries’ choices for word of the year. Oxford selected “toxic” for the reason that it was the “descriptor for the year’s most talked about topics”. While 2018 wi (More)
Phillaar_week 10
Toxic is an interesting word to be the Oxford word of the year considering the negativity behind it. However that does not mean it isn’t fitting, the word toxic captivates 2018 well, a year with its fare share of negativity. In literal terms of pollu (More)
Deatwil_TOW 10
The Oxford Dictionary chose toxic as their word of the year for 2018. Interestingly, this word is connected with masculinity. This, of course, refers to the #MeToo movement. Why victims of sexual assault say that masculinity is toxic does not make se (More)
in my opinion the word i would pick for the word of 2018 would be " separated" i feel that this is a good word to describe 2018, there was so much going on in 2018 but i feel that the underlying truth is that we are more separated the we have in m (More)
The Oxford Dictionary word of the year for 2018 is toxic. Toxic was chosen as word of the year because it was one of the most talked about topics in 2018, along with being looked up 45% more than in previous years. In 2018, toxic was used in many dif (More)
The words “toxic” and “Justice” are the words of the year chosen by Oxford and the Marriam-Webster dictionaries. I find the statistics on what words are looked up in the year interesting because that is what people are thinking about that year. Toxic (More)
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