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jacogwe_Week 3
In the beginning of the video, a blind man is seen sitting on the street with a sign next to him that reads “I’m blind. Please help.” The message appeals to both logos and pathos, but it is not strong enough to tug at the heartstrings of passersby. A (More)
hambame_Week 3
Words can be extremely powerful when used in the right way. The woman in the video was able to change that blind man's life because of her words. It is important to realise the effect that the diction and syntax of sentences and phrases is huge. When (More)
harrjac_Week 3
In the video The Power of Words, a woman helps a homeless blind man by rephrasing the words on his sign. After she rephrases the words on the sign. The homeless blind man is given more money showing that changing the way you use words, you can change (More)
russmay_Week 3
I started crying as soon as I saw what the sign said at the end of this video. “It’s a beautiful day, and I can’t see it.” My first reaction was that people show more pity to those words, than to a simple “I’m blind.” What does that say about us? The (More)
Craileo_week 3
The video The Power of Words is a demonstration of the powerful effect words can have and how different words can greatly impact people's actions. The poor man in the video has a sign that says "I'M BLIND PLEASE HELP" and although the sign appeals to (More)
roemmad week 3
This video is an example of the power of words being used for its most basic function: getting humans to feel for each other. When the woman changed the wording of the blind man’s sign, he instantly received more money from the passers-by, even thoug (More)
This video about the power of words demonstrates how the words you choose impacts yourself and the people around you. Words can change the outcome of your life. The video ends with the quote, "Change your words. Change your world." Although this quot (More)
In this video, the sign started off with saying, “I am blind please help” and was then changed to, “It is a beautiful day and I can’t see it.” These few words are so heart wrenching that it makes it hard for people to simply ignore it, as seen in the (More)
Topic of the week 1.3 KinsJaq
When the video opens we see a man sitting on the ground with a piece of cardboard reading "I'm blind please help." Surrounding him are faces of happy people. People who take the gift of site forgranted. Laughing and walking past this man who will nev (More)
Reyegra_Week 3
This short video highlights the importance of the power in words. Words are powerful because they can have a big impact on yourself and other people. People can remember words someone said years ago that had a strong impact on them, whether it's a po (More)
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