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Language is a key part in communicating through society and a tool in accessing a culture. Knowing a foreign language is an incredible feat and is often times under appreciated. As a bilingual person myself I know that knowing a foreign language conn (More)
The TED Talk we were asked to watch was about changing a habit in your life for thirty days. I have already started to do Intermittent Fasting, a practice in which you eat within a certain period of the day and fast for the rest of the 24-hour period (More)
I like the idea of the 30-day challenge that Cutts describes. In the past I have tried to keep my room clean but always get busy and forgotten to tidy up. This makes my life more cluttered and stressful. Whenever I clean my room it makes me feel rela (More)
After watching the TED Talk, the 30-day plan seemed pretty interesting and efficient, I understand that the goal of it is to implement a new goal or habit into your life for 30 days, and then hopefully have it stick to become a permanent factor of yo (More)
The next thirty days is hard to imagine, nothing is guaranteed, and not everything will play out the way we would like it to. I think the most significant factor to fulfilling my goals is to take each day, one day at a time. We all get caught up in o (More)
With school coming to an end, I have thought have many goals that I would like to get done over summer. As I am heading to my senior year in high school, I do want to finalize the decisions of my college choices by the end of the summer so I can star (More)
I don’t know what I would do for a thirty day challenge. Maybe I would try drawing everyday for the allotted time. Right now I suck at the art form and feel it might be beneficial to do something like that. Or maybe I would say something positive to (More)
Matt Cutts’ TED is inspirational in its simplicity and that he has taken his own advice to heart. By making simple changes for 30 days you have made something apart of your daily routine and can judge whether it would be beneficial and applicable to (More)
As graduation is coming upon us seniors, we are guaranteed to “start new” and do greater things in life. Things will start becoming more hectic than they are now, and we will not know exactly what to do with ourselves. When life starts becoming more (More)
Matt Cutts thoughts on the thirty day challenges are eye opening. He describes that if you are passionate and driven, it will not be too difficult, especially if it is something that you love. He says, “If you really want anything badly enough, you c (More)
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