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After reading Helen Zia’s article “My Mother’s Secrets” in The New York Times, I found that it reminded me of my mother’s family background. Although her family was not fleeing a war zone, she, her mother and siblings made their way to America. On my (More)
After watching Gillette’s “toxic masculinity” advertisement, I say that it was a good way to get the message of masculinity across the world. Men have always been told to be tough and that fighting is the way that proves how tough they truly are, bu (More)
dylmalo- week 13
Family what is it, is it a man and a woman and their children? Family to me is not just that I don’t think I have seen my dad and mom in the same room for more the a few minutes so I don’t think that family is that at least not just that. I remember (More)
A “normal family” does not exist it is like a perfect tree that a third grader might draw with apples on it even though flowers are blooming as well. Even families with two married parents and kids like mine are not necessarily normal. I have four se (More)
Growing up and even to this day, my parents have been married to each other for 27 years and I have grown and lived with my two older biological brothers. My definition for a family is not just a group of biological and blood related humans characte (More)
My definition of a normal family is people that are willing to sacrifice their happiness for others in that group. It could be a group people in the army that would be willing to sacrifice their own life for the others in their unit, a close group of (More)
A family is a group consisting of parents and children, whether they are related by blood or not. Some people think the family is all about blood. I totally disagree. Yes, blood may say that someone is your parent or sibling, but that doesn't mean th (More)
A family should not be defined as biological children living with their parents under one roof. I, like many other people, has divorced parents that live in two different houses. In a way I feel like I have two families. My mom would not consider my (More)
Appljoh_TotW 13
After reading the article, I can confidently say that my definition of a family has not changed, like most others in the class I assume. My definition of family is simply the people you grew up with, learned from, and lived with. Relation by marriage (More)
Adamchr TOW13
In our youth you start off with a basic understanding of family, and if you’re like me and grew up with your biological brother, mother, and father, your understanding of family was very basic. It was those kids that didn’t truly know what family was (More)
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