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Dolphin Speakers Going Hammer
I read an article about researchers in Japan who created a prototype of a dolphin speaker that projects dolphin communication sounds, whistles, pulse sounds and echolocat (More)
Stablilizing Biodiversity! 🙂
I chose to read about this article, because we are (More)
I'll trade you my left Kindey for that new iphone of yours.
In April of 2011 a boy's health became very poor after he had his kidney illegally removed and sold on the black market. The young (More)
Natural Retinol A
Ever so often you see women crowding over around Sephora in search for their perfect miracle for their skin care regime. The most popular ingredient at the moment is retinol A, which is famous for its anti-aging and antioxidant properties. We spend h (More)
Thick, Sticky, Mucus
Sharks are amazing hunters but even they are no match for the mucus spitting hag fish. Hag fish have mucus-secreting glands all over their bodies. They use these glands to ward off enemies. The ecologist Vincent Zintzen viewed 500 hours of film watch (More)
Striped Do-Dolphins
In this article a orca was spotted in the Pacific Ocean off Russia, and the thing that makes this news worthy is that it was a fully white orca.Th (More)
Massive Dolphin Die-Off
I just read an article about a massive dolphin die off here. More)
Shot in the heart
Blind Eye!
I recently read this article about how sharks are color blind. Even though the sharks are relatives to rays and chimaeras they don't have color vision like they do. Even thou (More)
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