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siebmia 3.3
Catcher in the Rye     J.D. Salinger           138-end Holden’s journey in New York City slowly comes to an end after his date is over and his friend has to leave. He gets drunk and decides to go for a stroll down to Central Park where he ponders (More)
kinsjaq 3.3
Five Feet Apart by Rachel Lippincott with Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis Pages 184-276 Five feet. That is the distance Stella is from will. Cystic Fribrosis has stolen so much from her life but she wasn't going to let it steal Wil from her. So (More)
hambame 3.3
Hattie Big Sky- Kirby Larson pgs 193-283 Hattie just helped Perilee and her family to put out the fire on their barn. They were all safe, but the barn was beyond repair. They all knew why there was a fire and had their suspicions on who it was, but (More)
hersser 3.3
The Help (347-522) In the third and final section of Kathryn Stockett's novel, The Help, the story of these three women living in the 1960s gets more and more troublesome. It starts with the long awaited Benefit put on by The Jackson Junior League (More)
Dundjtre 3.3
The Metamorphosis (46-68) In the third and final part of Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis Gregor, who had previously caused his mother to faint at his horrible sight, is chased around the apartment by his father who is wearing the uniform of a serv (More)
Mclahaw 3.3
Beowulf  by unknown pg. 80-122 The beastess was dead, Beowulf once again victorious returned to the great king with Grendel's head and the sword which mysteriously was able to slay Grendel's mother. Though by the time Beowulf emerged from the lake (More)
namilog 3.3
69 to 139  Call of the Wild We left off where Dave had a serious injury but wasn't willing to lose his spot on the team but then he was to weak to continue on and was put down. For five months the team worked hard, traveling over  2500 miles back (More)
wadetia 3.3
The Great Gatsby Pg. 113 -182 The beginning of chapter 7 mostly is talking about Gatsby and Daisys love for each other, and how Gatsby stoped having his parties, because he only had them to get Daisys attention. Gatsby fires his servants, so there (More)
jacogwe 3.3
The Face on the Milk Carton (119-184) Janie comes home to see her parents mad as ever. She feels an odd satisfaction as her parents yell at her for not being vocal about her problems. Janie realizes that the Johnsons anger prove their immense love (More)
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Eragon Pg: 255- 501 While searching around Dras-Leona Brom and Eragon were ambushed by the Ra'zac and at the moment they were not ready for the fight and they were forced to run. Unfortunately despite Brom and Eragon's efforts, they were captured (More)
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