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The Fire Within, pages 1-111 In the first third of this book it stared out with David looking at a room to rent from the Pennykettle’s and, right away he is granted with the presence of Lucy. A young girl that is really into squirrels and tries to (More)
Of Sound Mind (Pg. 1-98) Of sound mind is about a high school senior, Theo, who is the only one in his family able to hear. He loves math and one day wishes to go to MIT.  His mom, Palma, is a sculpture and a director. Of course, this is difficult (More)
Three Days in January, by Bret Baier In this book, Bret Baier attempts to explain what President Dwight Eisenhower’s thinking behind his farewell address in 1961. President Eisenhower grew up in Abilene, Kansas, until he was college aged. At that (More)
Pg. 0- 124 The book I am reading is Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose. The book starts off with the main character Richard Winters in basic training. He had just join the 101st airborne to do a 1 year required service. He did this because he (More)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (pg,1-80) The book sets the tone right as you open the book. The beginning starts the main character telling you that this book was made by the good Mark Twain, someone who already told the truth (More)
Catching Fire By: Suzanne Collins Pages 3-135 Catching Fire written by Suzanne Collins, is the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy. It begins with Katniss in her house given to her for winning the Hunger Games, where President Snow talks to (More)
Grendel P1-P56  Grendel is the story from the one of the monsters from the ancient story of Beowulf. Grendel is an extremely nihilistic creature, and looks down upon humans.  The story begins off with him facing off with a ram, in which he judges (More)
Divergent (pages 1-166) Beatrice lives with her mother, father and older brother Caleb in an abnegation community. Their mother and father are both self-sufficient people who spend all their time doing deeds to help others not themselves. This is (More)
Pages 01-138 To begin, we as readers are prompted about the story of the characters through their first person lives. They (each the man and woman) are writers with their own backstories in magazines and other forms of publishing. There are two sep (More)
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Drone Command 1 – 140 The book opens with two hundred Chinese PLAN officers and sailors standing on a seventy-five-hundred-ton missile destroyer. The captain told a speech about how their ancestors sailed these vary seas a thousand years ago. he t (More)
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