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russxav_Post 1.1
Pages 1-82 Why the book is called “The Things They Carried” is obvious from the beginning.  The book starts out talking about letters from girls the soldiers got and how much they liked reading them over and over.  The men don’t exactly consider t (More)
hanscol_Blog 1.1
Summary: p1-38 So far in the reading, I was introduced to Anton, his Grandmother (Bubbe) and some information about their lives. They lived in the Ukraine during WW2.  Anton’s mother died when he was young and his father left 3 years ago to join (More)
collgra_Reading Blog 1.1
pages 1-140 In the book, The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien, Bilbo Baggins is a peaceful hobbit. He lives in a cozy hole in The Hill. He lives a decent life and is relatively wealthy. Bilbo is the son of Belladonna Took and the hobbit hole was passed ont (More)
diltisa_blog 1.1
Ender’s Game     I read page 1-120 (in one day by the way) The book starts with Ender getting his monitor taken out. The monitor was used so that people could see if he was in danger or not, and monitor his every move. Then, afterwards, the reader (More)
collnoa_blog 1.1
I have read 107 pages of my book part 1 out of 3. The book starts out with the main character Galen Erso. He's rambling numbers and stuff because he's a scientist and he's trying to figure out a new way to power this weapon on the moon station (More)
blakdev_blog 1.1
The beginning of the story starts with american spies/saboteurs pretending to buy 10 missiles from kim jong un the north korean president. The spies were dressed up as Syrians and had been waiting for Kim to leave them so that they could check the bo (More)
teidaal_Blog 1.1
Summary (pages 1-112) At the beginning of The Secret Languages of Sisters, there was a family made up of two daughters, Mathilda McCabe(Tilly) and Ruth Ann McCabe(Roo), and their mother who teaches middle school. Everyone who lives in their small t (More)
heidsam_post 1.1
Cod by Mark Kurlansky is a biography about “The fish that changed the world.” The book starts offf with a short story about three Newfoundland fishermen Sam, Bernard, and Leonard. They are all fishing on a boat thinking about how the Codfish were so (More)
esteash_post 1.1
I read pages 1-67 of “Art of Racing in the Rain” written by Garth Stein  This novel is narrated by a dog named Enzo. Enzo the story with a conversation of how he must communicate through gestures, since he is not able to have a conversation he tri (More)
ronkand_ post 1.1
I read the novel Listening for Lucca from pages 1-78. Siena is a 13-year-old girl who has an obsession with abandoned things. Her obsession started right around the time her little brother Lucca stopped talking. He stopped talking a year and a hal (More)
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