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Sjoscal 4.2
To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Pg. 195-end At this point, Laura Jean has been with Peter Kavinsky for awhile now and she’s starting to catch real feelings. Since it’s been a “fake relationship”, both of them have started to actually fall for eac (More)
namilog 4.2
133 to 316 after the I incident with Rarimez  Ranger took Stephany to his place to rest and to recuperate.after that happened she found  Morelli and Morelli makes an offer Stephanie can’t refuse if she helps him prove his innocence he’ll let her a (More)
hambame 4.2
hambame 4.2 Along for the Ride~ Sarah Dessen pg 203-383   After a few days working at her step mother’s boutique Auden’s mother visits. Her mom visits the boutique and starts criticizing the stereotype that it seemed to “thrust” upon women. S (More)
mclahaw 4.2
The Dark Tower, The Gunslinger by Steven King pg. 93-216 While traveling towards the mountains Roland makes passing comments to his quest, and mentions a place between worlds called the Tower. In a flashback Roland recalls how he once saw a cook ( (More)
hersser 4.2
My Ántonia by Willa Cather (180-372) The second half of Willa Cather's romantic novel My Ántonia begins when a dance tent arrives in Black Hawk. This becomes a favorable hang out for many of the young adults especially Ántonia. However, it becomes (More)
Dundjtre 4.2
A Separate Peace (103-204) The second part of John Knowles' A Separate Peace starts with Gene returning to his room only to find that Finny has returned in a cast. When Brinker comes into their room they start discussing enlisting to the war and h (More)
Craileo 4.2
Eldest Pgs: 285-476 Where we left off Eragon and Saphira had just met their teachers Oromis and Glaedr. While the people of Carvahall had just started their trip towards the Varden’s hideout in Farthen Dûr. In Ellesmera Eragon and Saphira start le (More)
siebmia 4.2
I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai      pages 139-319             Malala’s story continues as the Taliban infiltrates Swat more day by day. Bodies turn up around Swat and the Taliban continues to restrict the rights of women and girls across the countr (More)
jacogwe 4.2
Someone named Eva (pages 108-193) Eva ventures around her new home, opening doors and discovering unique rooms behind them. Until one day she stumbles across her father’s office, which no one is allowed to go in except Herr Werner and Peter, her l (More)
hambame 4.1
Along for the Ride~ Sarah Dessen pg 1-203 Auden’s parents split up and ever since then she can’t seem to sleep very well. Her mother is very demanding and so Auden didn’t get some of the experiences normal kids do like learning to ride a bike. She h (More)
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