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Bradrus_Post 3.3
Salt to the Sea 204-378     After everyone boards the Wilhelm Gustloff, the voyage to freedom begins. Emilia is close to giving birth to her child, Joana is working in the maternity ward, and Florian is hiding from German officials. The Shoe Po (More)
I read pages 210 - 311(end)         In Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes, Algernon is acting weird. He slams himself into a wall whenever he can't find his way out of a maze. He’s not very active and all he does is curl up in a ball. Charlie g (More)
The Host, pages 447-619. Everyone finally trusts Wanda to go out on raids. Wanda uses fake names as a precaution and the boys stay in the van. On the way back from one of their raids, Wanda drives to fast and gets pulled over. Jared can't see a way o (More)
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Inkheart, by Cornelia Funke Inkheart has been a wild ride of many hurdles for the characters, emotionally, physically, and mentally. We rejoin our heroes with Fenoglio and Meggie in prison, Dustfinger and Farid camped outside of Capricorn's villag (More)
     I read from chapter 29-the end.       As the chapter starts the sea is finally calm compared to what the boys were used to. The boat is slowly sinking, when it got to around six inches in the boat cabin Ben decides that they need to go to the (More)
I have read 84 pages (24 chapters) Flora and Henry are now grown up and have drifted apart. Flora is still running her Jazz club and Henry is off at college. Henry is still fighting for his relationship with Flora to work, not matter the distance. (More)
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins chapters 18-End. Katniss is very stressed about their mission into the capital. The rest of the group is also mad now because Peeta has joined the group. The split the group up and each group has certain times that they (More)
Pages 300-459 Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Hammer of Thor When they arrive at Utgard-Loki’s palace, they first have to go in a competition against giants to get information from Utgard-Loki regarding Loki’s plans. After winning, he (More)
Mumaqui Blog Post 3.3
Bone Gap Pages 159-End After being sent away from Petey,  Finn is still out looking for Roza and any way to find her. Finn has a hunch and goes and talks to his neighbors about what happened to Roza. Finn goes to his neighbor's house, he was (More)
I read from chapter 18 to the end of the book. In this part of the book Max is captured by Iggy and Killer Kane. Killer Kane is Max's father. Kane saw flashing lights outside and it was the police so Kane pushes Max to the ground because they were (More)
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