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Deatwil_Q4.3 (209-to the end) The final section for Three Days in January, was about President Eisenhower’s time after he left the office. He went home and learned how to live life normally. In fact, there was an article published by a magazine th (More)
  Pg.234-329 In this part of the book Lt. Winters is at the Battle of the Bulge defending a town from the Germans. During this time Lt. Winters was promoted to Major but because he was still out in the field it meant he did not get to say (More)
  Catching Fire By: Suzanne Collins Pages 267-391 Continuing in the novel Catching Fire, written by Suzanne Collins, Katniss and Peeta had just entered the new arena that is water based. Katniss goes to the cornucopia immediately and ge (More)
The Fire within, pg 206-340 In the last part of this book David works more on his book with the squirrels. He comes home from school and starts righting the book and as he writes, he can’t think of how to write and he starts thinking of his dragon (More)
Divergent (pg.339- 487) Veronica Roth Tris and her friends are starting the last part of their training. They go through one of the instructor’s fear landscapes so they can get a taste of what it is like. Then their fear landscapes are going to (More)
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Drone command 280 – end Pearce flew his squadron of drones towards the enemy battleship without slipping at the controls. Still a little bruised from the beating he endured from the Chinese a few days ago here he was flying drones into a battle. A (More)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (pg, 160-240) To start where we left off Jim is at a carnival and the Duke was tending the door before slipping away and showing up on the stage, greeting the audience and then getting the crowd (More)
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Spartan 117 was in a unsc ship when the ship was hit and knocked into deep space. Flouting to the nearest ring which was made by the forerunners a race who killed all the other alien races and the humans that were there before. The forerunners used t (More)
Tango by Eileen Beha Pages 74-152 So far in Tango we have been introduced to several new characters, including McKenna and Augusta. McKenna is a girl that is about twelve years old, she is an orphan and jumps around, moving from foster family t (More)
Pages 276-415 In the concluding section of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, we find the dramatic twist of an ending we have been questioning since the beginning of our reading. Finally, we get the perspective of our allegedly dead woman, Amy. We as read (More)
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