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pg. 200-277  LATE Mulch escapes underground after fighting with Butler and fakes his own death.  Due to rules that affect the fairies, the fairies aren’t allowed in the Fowl Manor as long as Artemis is alive.  At the underground fairy headquarter (More)
The Great Wide Sea Chapter 29-42 The chapter starts off with ben waking up and the storm has cleared. The waves were calmer and Gerry was crying wanting his Blankie. He tries to find it and somehow, he falls of the boat. Ben dives to get him he (More)
Bradrus 4.3 This is Our Story 152-180     After learning the truth about Shep's identity, she doesn’t know how to handle it. Thankfully Kate’s friend Reagan and her are going to a football game. Everyone is dressing up in costumes fo (More)
The Memory of Light 102 pages This section of the book opens up with Victoria getting ready to go home. She is having to say goodbye to her best friends E.M., Gabriel, and Mona. These three had made Victoria’s experience at the institution place s (More)
Pages 322-449 Heartless by Marissa Meyer   Cath and Jest return to Hearts and are surrounded by royal guards, Cath’s parents, and the king. They accuse Jest of kidnapping Cath and they try to take him away as a prisoner. However, Jest d (More)
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  Soon after the Gustlaff setting sail the same day it was hit by allied torpedoes. The torpedos pierced the hull of the ship and it began sinking. The group makes their way up onto the deck of the ship to get into the lifeboat. But with the (More)
Since my last blog post, I have read from page 220 to the end of my book. Most things have stayed the same, but some things also took a turn for the worst. One of Butter’s new found friends, Trent, is having an end of the year party and everyone is e (More)
This section of Evernight by Claudia Grey starts off with Bianca waking up in the morning with heightened senses. She soon discovers that Lucas is feeling ill and Vic wants him to see a doctor but Lucas refuses. Lucas says it can't be the result of B (More)
Pages 306 - 444 (end) In The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, Starr testified in front of the grand jury today. Weeks passed since the testimony and the grand jury still hasn’t made a decision. DeVante goes missing. Seven, Chris(Starr’s boyfriend), an (More)
Wurthering Heights by Emily Brontë pages 276-408 In the beginning of this section, Linton tells Cathy that her mother always hated her father and was really in love with his (Linton’s) father. They have a big fight and both end up going separate w (More)
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