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allieli_The Crucible Act II, Scene II
I wouldn’t include Act II, Scene II in the production of The Crucible. Miller wrote this scene after he was finished writing the play, he wanted people to know what happened between Abigail and John, but felt it wasn’t necessary. I don’t think that i (More)
In my personal opinion of Act 2, Scene 2, I really liked how Miller wrote more about this. It really explains a little bit more about what happens and it seems a little more behind the scenes too. I would want to put this in the play but not right af (More)
I would not include act two scene two in a production of The Crucible. Its not that I disliked the scene, I enjoyed reading it and thought it was cool that there was another scene available. My problem is that I feel like this scene kind of spoiled a (More)
If I were the director of the play I would add Act 2 scene 2 because I think that it would be good for the play. If you that part into it, it add another huge dilemma talking about how Abigail thinks that John Proctor still loves her but John Proctor (More)
I would keep this scene in The Crucible because it helps get the reader/audience caught up on the time that gets lost between Act Two and Act Three. The audience needs to know if Abigail how crazy Abigail is and if she was tipped off by anyone about (More)
I think that Act two Scene two should have been added. This scene let us see the other side of Abigail. When they first meet in the woods she starts to talk about how sore she was from all of the places she was attacked by "witches." At one point she (More)
The scene of Act 2 Scene was deliberately exempted from my play, The Crucible, for I believe Abigail's lines in this particular scene took away from her role as the hated villain. Abigail declares her love for John saying, "Oh, John, I will make you (More)
ridajer The Crucible Act 2 Scene 2
If I were directing the production of The Crucible, I would include this scene into the play. In this scene Abigail shows her true intentions behind her actions. It shows how dedicated and how far she will take her lies to have John for herself.   Yo (More)
planspe The Crucible Director
I am going to include the scene! I mean, how could I not? It adds another level of depth and gives you even more insight on the characters and allows you to really get a grip for whats going on. You get a feel for how Abigail acts and how she respond (More)
In The Crucible, I think ACT two Scene two should be added because this would change the part of the play. Thus the play would change, in such a matter that John Proctor would admit to adultery sooner rather then later in the court to bring Abigail d (More)
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