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Crucible Themes Pbatista
The whole story that is the crucible revolves around lie but not just lies that they tell others but lies that they tell themselves. The web of lies eventually touched everyone in the town and eventually made people who would not, do it too. John is (More)
The theme that stands out the most to me would be mass hysteria. Mass hysteria is what caused Salem to temporarily fall apart. The Puritans were very strict and religious and the idea that witches could be present within the community drove people to (More)
I would choose to add this scene to the play. It highlights Abigail’s insane behavior and gives her more depth as a character. It also adds more to her relationship with John Proctor. When he wants to see her in the woods, she thinks that she can sed (More)
I think that this scene would have been perfect for the crucible because it really shows the hatred towards each other since abigail accuses elizabeth of witchcraft, and how scared he is for his wife, cause she might be hanged. in the play she expl (More)
For the scene that was taken out of The Crucible I think it is a very important to the play to put it in. It shows the anger of a man who is fearful for his wife's life, and a teenage girl who is love lust for him. He realizes while talking to her, s (More)
The Crucible is a very deep and controversial play, with a very simple mindset that people in the past had. Today we still have some of the same mind set like in act three “If he isn’t with the court he must be counted against it.” We still do this i (More)
If I were Arthur Miller writing The Crucible, I would not include Act 2, Scene 2 from the play's appendix. The reason being is that it would take away from the ending scene between John and Elizabeth. As a reader, I got chills reading the end of the (More)
If I were the author of the play I would include the Act 2 Scene 2 of the play. Though the scene might be short it still shows potential of become an interesting scene to be put on. The scene shows that John Proctor still cares about Elizabeth even t (More)
My opinion on Auther Miller’s decision of using Act 2, Scene 2 in The Crucible could swing either way. A lot of emotions were brought up in this scene of John Proctor needlessly urging Abigail to free his wife in court or he will ruin her life, as he (More)
gapprez_The Crucible Act 2 Scene 2
If I were directing the play The Crucible, I would include Act 2 Scene 2 from the play’s appendix. The reason why I would chose to put it in the play is because I believe that it is a powerful scene. It’s powerful in a way where we get to truly see w (More)
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