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I chose Anne Bradstreet’s passage because I think that it illustrates one of the main themes that were have learned. Her passage shows divine providence because when her house burns down she isn’t all that scared and worried about it. In her mind she (More)
The Puritan selection that stood out to me was written Edward Taylor, in his poem, “Huswifery.” The quote from that was, “…Then Dy the same in Heavenly Colours Choice, All pinkt with Varnish’t Flowers of Paradise…” I chose this quote because Taylor i (More)
Patrick Henry- "But diffrent men often see the same subject in different lights; and, therefore, I hope it will not be disrespectful to those gentlemen if, entertaning as i do opinions of a character very opposite theirs, I shall speak forth my senti (More)
The Puritans were the first settlers in the Americas after they left England because they didn’t agree with the king's religious belief. In many of the early puritans journal and poetry entries we see they focus on a main reason of live this is “Divi (More)
Anne Bradstreet wrote, “It was his own: it was not mine; Far be it that I should repine” in “Upon the Burning of Our House”. The reason why this caught my attention and how we can connect this to all the other Puritan writing is how much faith she ha (More)
Of all the Puritan selections, I would say that William Bradford’s “of Plymouth Plantation” was one of the most educational and understandable. It is written by a man who witnessed the whole voyage himself. He really portrays their struggle for survi (More)
For the Puritans, I picked the passage “My Words and Actions, that their shine may fill My ways with glory and thee glorify” from “Hiswifery”. In this passage Edward talks about how he hopes to glorify and praise God with his words and actions. I pic (More)
In Anne Bradstreet’s poem “Upon The Burning Our House”, Anne is sleeping in her home as it catches fire.  As soon as she wakes up and realises what is going on, she starts the pray.  That is crazy because if my house was burning down, that wouldn’t b (More)
PURITANS   Ester Edwards "Mrs. Edwards was thirty-three years old today. That seems very old. I wonder if I shall live to be thirty-three? " We can understand in this quote living was so hard for Puritans in that time. She was just nine years old gi (More)
The native culture has adapted to America throughout the years, but one thing they have always been mindful of is their individual existence, natural beauty, and their teachings that they pass down from generation to generation. In “A Vision Beyond T (More)
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