Libraries are in question as to whether they are a relic of the past or are relevant to the current day, in our modern technology central society? Yes, they are the selection of books in a library is its main attraction providing large amounts of information on a wide variety of topics for free. Although some of the information is available on the internet sometimes you don’t have internet access. It is also one of the only remaining places to find entertainment all on display without having to search anything or have the internet target your interests. Libraries, however, have many different uses and amenities. Frequently they are used as meeting places because they are neutral, clean, and welcoming places. A location for large groups or events for children and families take place. Several times I have been invited to set up Sparkle Sisters at family events put on by our local library. Most of the time when I go it is to find pictorial references, on specific things that can’t be found readily on the internet. Now, they even have a wifi connection to offer, which is curtal to people that can not get on it anywhere else, because they are traveling, can not afford their own, or are working on a group project. Teens and young children also go to after school club run at libraries providing extra curricular activities outside of school. Libraries are a curtal part creating a community by bringing people together and providing resources.

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  1. craiale, I really enjoyed reading your blog post especially when you mentioned how it related to your experiences such as the Sparkle Sisters. I would also like to add however, people who are in predicaments such as being in a ruff environment rely on libraries for their safety and resources. How do you feel the world would be if every library was closed? Great post by the way!

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