Eric Klinenberg’s article, To Restore Civil Society, Start With the Library, said how “so many books are digitized, so much public culture exists online, and so often people interact virtually.” We live in this day and age where electronic devices are a big part in many people’s lives. We use them to communicate, read, watch entertainment, shop, and many more tasks that can be done in real life. However, that should not deem libraries “obsolete.” Some people may think that libraries are just for books. While the word itself can be traced back to the Latin roots “books” and “free,” ultimately it is not all about books. Libraries serve a bigger purpose than what some people think. Other than just reading books, people can learn responsibility when borrowing books, do homework, browse on the internet, look at local papers, have children play around in child care centers, and even socialize with family, friends, and strangers. The convenience of free books and other useful pros about libraries affects our people. It is helpful to both young and old people alike. Young people would need it to train their minds, and older people would need it to socialize with people from different generations rather than being alone, which is a problem we face in our world. I think the government should still fund libraries because it is a necessary public space for every community. In the article, according to a 2016 survey by Pew Research Center, two-thirds of the people surveyed (16 years and older), they proclaim that closing their local branch of libraries would have “a major impact on their community.” While there may have been fewer people walking to libraries, many realize that importance it has for their society. People can feel welcome in a quiet place to peacefully read, interact with people, and participate in activities. It will never be the same when we get rid of libraries and all the benefits they provide to our communities. There could be alternatives, but a library is a special place. It has a culture like no other. From my own personal experience, I never had any negative thoughts about libraries. During my younger years, I was able to find and read books that I like, socialize with my friends, play board games, and do my homework. I admit that I have not been going to the library here in Cordova, but I still think it is a necessary infrastructure. Klinenberg believes that “If we have any chance of rebuilding a better society, social infrastructure like the library is precisely what we need.” I could not agree more because libraries do hold our people, no matter what the differences are, together. Old, young, rich, poor, it is a place we can connect through interaction. However, we must not forget how incredible a paper book is. I believe people should at least go to a library once in a while to pick up a book or do anything that the library can help with. We have our digital devices to do things you can do at a library, but the institution is unique. The experience you get after going to the library will let you know the purposes and how big of an importance the library is to people.

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  1. Libraries are very necessary for small communities, and that was my favorite part of your post. When you spoke about building communities I think that libraries are a way of building communities. Communities are not simply towns and other things of that matters, we’ve learned that communities can be almost anything, libraries can be a great way of forming these communities. Libraries are great places for the smart, the poor, the wealthy, the lonely, and the talkative, and bringing these people together are essential to community as you mentioned.

  2. Chunkev, I agree with you when you said “Old, young, rich, poor, it is a place we can connect though interaction.” That was one of the key reasons I said that libraries are still relevant. Libraries are key places for kids that are young to go and hangout with their friends. I also think it is a place for everyone to hangout not just young kids. Another reason I think they are important is because of the impact they have on young children’s lives because of the resources they provide. Libraries are super important in today’s society and will continue to be. Great post!

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