1st Quarter

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Puritans, Founding Fathers and Native Americans

In preparation for our final on this unit, you will need to begin reviewing our Syllabus.  To start the process, your task is to choose a line/quote/passage from each of the sections that best represents that specific group and support your selection.

Here’s what to do:

Look over the selections from the Puritans and choose a line/quote/passage which illustrates one of the many themes, topics or beliefs we have studied as a class.  In a brief paragraph, explain your why you have chosen this specific line/quote/passage.

Do the same for the Founding Fathers.

Do the same for the Native Americans.

***Your response should be three thoughtful and CONCISE paragraphs (including the passages), written clearly and free of grammatical and spelling errors.  PROOFREAD and SPELL CHECK.

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