3rd Quarter

3rd QuarterDirector

The Crucible:  Act 2, Scene 2

You are directing a production of The Crucible.  You have to decide whether or not to include      Act 2, Scene 2 from the play’s appendix.  You realize it was written by Arthur Miller later than the rest of the play.  Some productions of The Crucible do not include this scene.

Write a thoughtful paragraph of at least 300 words explaining whether or not you will include the scene or not and why.  Be sure to defend your rationale for including or including it.  How will its inclusion impact your production? Be creative and write as if you truly are the director.  Do NOT turn in an unpolished first draft — be sure your writing is free of grammar, usage and mechanical errors.



The Crucible

Miller’s play explores numerous themes.  What theme stands out to you the most as we have brainstormed in class?

Choose a line(s) thus far in the play that you view as the best illustration of what is a more important theme.  Re-type the line(s), noting who said it and in what context.  Then, in a clear and thoughtful paragraph of at least 250 words, discuss the importance of the line and explain the theme it represents.

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