My favorite line from the great thinkers is from Emerson’s poem called “Self-Reliance”. It is my most favorites like of all his writings. The line that I chose says, “Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist.” I love this line because it has a good meaning to it. A conformist is someone who believes what the whole society believes too. However, a nonconformist is someone who doesn’t care if society judges them because they think different from them and that’s what Emerson is trying to tell us. He thinks that we shouldn’t be afraid to get for what we believe. We should make the right choice to help you do something without thinking about what your family or anybody else thinks. I can relate to this line in some things like the day that I moved from Pennsylvania to Alaska without my mom. People thought that it was a bad idea to leave my mom in Pennsylvania and move to Alaska. It was the best idea because I could have been involve in so many things. After I moved here, my mom was proud of me of making that decision. When you make decisions like that, people see you different but that makes you unique and it makes you have a strong mindset and makes you feel independent and free. This line will be helpful for those of my age because they can learn how to make their own decisions and not do or believe what their other friends believe. There are different ways you can be successful instead of doing the same thing thing everybody else does.

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