The quote I chose is from the works of Henry Longfellow in the poem The Chambered Nautilus, the line I took from it is “its webs of living gauze no more unfurl.” This line has a lot of meaning and power behind it. “Its webs of living gauze,” sounds like a human’s body in a way. The gauze could be like our organs and a nautilus’s shell could be like our bodies protecting  our organs. The Chambered Nautilus is a very inspirational poem because life is in anything and Henry Longfellow found it in a dead sea creature he found on the beach. The line is more deep than it sounds “no more unfurl” means the nautilus was unrolled out of its shell, isn’t that sort of the same as when humans die? We can no longer provide health and healing to ourselves when we die, and the nautilus can’t survive without his “body,” or shell. Sure we can live through a lot more than this sea creature can, but are we really that much different from it? We go through life thinking about what we need to do and when and how to do it. However this creature travels around the world without having a worry in the world except for one thing survival. This is exactly what people still worry about today is survival so in reality that’s all we should really worry about not the other stresses in like like when bills are due, or how much you do in a day. Its surviving and keeping your body or “shell” protected and healthy. This is what Henry Longfellow is trying to show us we focus too much on what “needs” to be done instead of worrying about the health of our bodies.

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