March 5, 2016

Crucible Themes Pbatista

The whole story that is the crucible revolves around lie but not just lies that they tell others but lies that they tell themselves. The web of lies eventually touched everyone in the town and eventually made people who would not, do it too. John is the perfect example of early in the first act. When Abigail and John talked john said, “ We never touched “. John denies ever sleeping with Abigail even though they did. This is because John is trying to forget what happened but because Abigail still insists on their relationship she is essentially keeping it alive. Later when John and Elizabeth are talking about Abigail he told her, “I’ll not have your sus-picion no more”. John believes his own lie that it’s over between him and Abigail but Elizabeth knows better or enough to know that john is lying. Thought John Proctor’s lying was probably a low blow in the relationship it was the lie that Abigail that really hit. Accusing Goody Proctor of witchcraft forced John Proctors to tell the truth about him and Abigail to free Elizabeth. Which in fact would have dammed John Proctor a respected man in Salem but saved Elizabeth. Which totally went out the window as Elizabeth told Danforth “ No, Sir”, When Danforth asked her if John Proctor turn from her. This really kept everything for coming together the first time for John and Elizabeth. Even though this happening really forced John Proctor to admit to Adultery later on in the story.