I would choose to add this scene to the play. It highlights Abigail’s insane behavior and gives her more depth as a character. It also adds more to her relationship with John Proctor. When he wants to see her in the woods, she thinks that she can seduce him and everything will be right in her world again. She loves him a lot, and her obsession grows worse with time. By the time the trials are over, Abigail thinks that her and John will get married as she tells him, “I will make quite a wife when the world is white again.” Her dangerous obsession with him also becomes even clearer while they have this conversation. Abigail will stop at nothing in order to get what she wants. She will not only manipulate others but even her own body in order to give herself more credibility. She also shows him her injuries, which, she tells him were acquired by loose spirits set out to get her. As an audience member, one would realize that these injuries were self-inflicted and Abigail seems crazy. She so desperately wants to be John’s wife that she’s willing to do whatever it takes, not taking into consideration the amount of damage she will inflict. John only wanted to warn Abigail that he planned on confessing to the court. She thinks that the hypocritical town is to blame for his behavior. When this scene is added to the rest of the play, it helps you get inside Abigail’s head. She seems pretty pathetic when she meets up with John but it is only a front. Abigail truly is capable of a lot of damage and I think that it is important for the audience to recognize that. I can also see how this scene would hurt the play as it draws attention to Abby’s poor mental health but I feel like this should be embraced rather than deleted.

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