If I were Arthur Miller writing The Crucible, I would not include Act 2, Scene 2 from the play’s appendix. The reason being is that it would take away from the ending scene between John and Elizabeth. As a reader, I got chills reading the end of the play. Although adding this scene would be clarifying for John and Abigail’s relationship, ultimately the end of the play does not need to all be explained. The writing, in the end, leaves chills with the readers because you are left to fill in the blanks yourself. If John Proctor were to confront Abigail, as seen in Act 2, Scene 2 from the play’s appendix, him dying in the last scene would be for more than his dignity and his family. It would look like he was dying to escape the wrath and tangle of Abigail and in a sense not letting her “win” him. By dying and accepting his death, without confronting Abigail, he goes out of the world, like a hero, restoring his good name. As a director, I would rather leave my readers with chills and wanting more than have them be satisfied that they have all of the answers to the story. Sometimes the best stories are left with a little imagination of the mind. Adding in the scene, we would also see an unnecessary side of Abigail. The following quote from John Proctor reiterates this: “I’m told a troop of boys go step for step with you wherever you walk these days.” She has turned into a daft prostitute which is not something that as I director, I would want to be the main focus. I would keep her portrayed with the veneer of an innocent little girl, having a promiscuous side that is hiding from the public. The Crucible has had a tremendous effect on our society and should remain pristine.

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