For the scene that was taken out of The Crucible I think it is a very important to the play to put it in. It shows the anger of a man who is fearful for his wife’s life, and a teenage girl who is love lust for him. He realizes while talking to her, she will do anything to be with him. However he knows that he needs to fix this or else his wife will hang. So he tells the love lust teenager to snap out of it and realize they just had a moment but that was just it a moment. This would of been important in the play because of the power it has in its meaning we also seen in act two john told his wife Elizabeth he would talk to Abigail, but it left that out we were left to wonder whether he actually went to talk to her or not. This is the scene we all were looking for the mystery was okay but we still needed to know what he wouldof said to her.

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