The Crucible is a very deep and controversial play, with a very simple mindset that people in the past had. Today we still have some of the same mind set like in act three “If he isn’t with the court he must be counted against it.” We still do this in today’s world if you aren’t fully with a country then you have to be against it. So this sets a very conflicted theme in the play the people are very secretive none of them trust each other. In act one we learn Abigail was caught with Betty and the other girls in the woods naked, which they were trying to do in secret and in that time was a very bad deed a person could do. Mr. Parris says to Abigail “I have been trying to bend these peoples necks to me for three years now.” Why would he need to bend the peoples neck? This creates a sense of distrust throughout the scene. Does he really need to force people to respect him if he is their pastor? In Act One they say the town had three pastors before him. Were they not trust worthy? Were they not respected? The town of Salem is a very methodical place, you give them a reason you’re with the Devil or not “fully” with that community, you are a reject not allowed to live in that town. For this time that wasn’t good to get cast out of a town, because they means you would have to find a new community and gain their trust which was not easy. So a lot of people who were cast out typically would die from not having enough supplies to live through winter. So we can take from the play that the theme is very treacherous theme.

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