gapprez_The Crucible Act 2 Scene 2

If I were directing the play The Crucible, I would include Act 2 Scene 2 from the play’s appendix. The reason why I would chose to put it in the play is because I believe that it is a powerful scene. It’s powerful in a way where we get to truly see who Abigail is as a person. The tempo of the scene starts off nice and calm, but towards the end all hell breaks loose. She talks about how the town is filled with hypocrites and that she won’t rest until all the hypocrites are gone from this town. John Proctor even comes to the realization that Abigail, is indeed, insane and he also becomes aware of what she is capable of doing. Abigail said, “Oh, how hard it is when pretense falls! But it falls it falls! You have done your duty by her. I hope it is your last hypocrisy. I pray you will come again with sweeter news for me. I know you will- now your duty is done. Good night, John. Fear naught. I will save you tomorrow. From yourself, I will save you.” The affect that this scene would have on the audience would definitely be a powerful one. The audience would realize, like John Proctor, that this girl is twisted and capable of hurting anyone, including herself. They’ll also learn that she thinks of herself so highly and that she’s restless for revenge.  You can just feel the intensity rise up from beginning to end and I feel that it’s necessary for the audience to see.

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