If I were the author of the play I would include the Act 2 Scene 2 of the play. Though the scene might be short it still shows potential of become an interesting scene to be put on. The scene shows that John Proctor still cares about Elizabeth even though he has kept a very dark secret from her and he is trying to somehow persuade Abigail to tell the truth about what really happened. At this point John is doing his best to try and make up for the mistakes that he has done and to try and free Elizabeth from the false accusation that was given to her. In the scene Abigail also tries to do something which is showing John her love for him and that she is trying to get him on her side by telling him how he changed her life and how everyone is just trying to turn him against her. As the scene comes to an end John already made up his mind that he will tell the truth about her if she doesn’t tell the truth, but Abigail is confident that she will try and save him and that she will win him over Elizabeth. Adding the scene would also add a more intense kind of reaction when readers read that part because it is where John finally tells her what kind of a person Abigail really is. In my opinion this scene would add a little for spice to the play because after this scene everything gets serious because the next scene of the play is when they both go to court to testify. What comes next of the scene will determine if Abigail is going to lie or tell the truth to the people of the court and if she is actually going to “save” John.

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