February 9, 2016


I feel that this scene is not needed in the play; it doesn’t add much to it in the long run. We all know Abigail is crazy why do we need to be reminded of it? This scene does not add to the story, it is short and just repeats what we learned in the first part of act two. We know that Abigail wants Elizabeth dead; she even stabs herself with a needle to try and get her condemned. Later in act three when Abigail called to heaven John Proctor grabs her and calls her a whore and confessed to the judges that he had an affair with her. His confession is not really expected and the extra scene spoils it because he tells Abigail that he will confess if he has to. So all this scene does is tell us what we already know and it kind of spoils act three for us. I don’t think that the exclusion of this scene will negatively affect the play.

February 9, 2016


I think I would’ve include this scene (Act 2, scene 2) in the play, because I think it shows a little bit more  about Abagail Williams character.  Abagail Williams is still so in love with John Proctor, and how she wants his wife, Elizabeth Proctor, gone. Even though she may be prettier then Elizabeth, she may have a jealously problem over her, because John has picked his wife over her. When John and Abagail met in the woods, I think she thought they were going to talk about their relationship and how he wants to be with her and how he wants his wife gone too, but than soon realized that he wanted to talk about telling the truth about his wife, and how she lied about Elizabeth being a witch. When John said he would ruin her if she did not free his wife, I think this really brought a lot of emotions in Abagail, anger, sadness, embarrassed, and maybe a little terrified. I think this way because she probably did not think he would threaten her in this this way, I think she might’ve been a little scared, but did not want to show it to John, because then he would know she was weak, she wanted to show that she was brave enough to do what she wanted. I think the most emotion she had though was sadness, because it’s hard, seeing the one you love, love somebody else, but that’s her own fault because, she shouldn’t of gotten involved with a married man in the first place! Another reason why I think she doesn’t want to tell the truth is because she may be embarrassed telling everyone in the whole town she lied, lying is a sin, and they would hang her for doing that.

February 9, 2016


I would include this scene in the play due to what it shows the audience in how John is done, and tired of Abigail. How he wants to save his marriage, and stop messing around with Abigail. Also showing that Abigail destroyed his life, and is continuing to ruin it so John has to fight back. John does this by threatening her in the left out scene and says that he is going to go to the court, and tell them about Abigail. By adding this edition I believe it will show the audience how John is willing to stick his neck out there and try to fight for his wife. It shows that John is trying to redeem himself, and fix what he messed up. John will take down Abigail in anyway that he has to. It also adds a little kick to the play, and adds another exciting scene that further more shows John trying to fix things. In the scene it shows how John hates Abigail now, and how what they did was a mistake. The addition to this scene will make the ending of the play even more dramatic, and it will in a way make it end better. The ending isn’t good but it will still help the ending in a way. John is set to fight for the right things in this scene, and it shows him not backing down to any of the punches that Abigail throws at him. He stands up strong in this scene, and it shows him gaining his dignity back in a way. John lets Abigail know what his plan is, and that’s a respectable thing by him, and he does it to let her think of what she can do for herself. What Abigail can do to save herself and this way she wont be surprised, and will almost be prepared.

February 9, 2016

Pbatista Act 2, Scene 2

I don’t really know about directing and such, nor I can’t really tell if it would of made it better or worse. But as a viewer of the play, I know that this would have changed the way I viewed John Proctor and Abigail. Elizabeth told John that bonds made in bed are strong ones. This made me doubt John Proctor, because he never went to go cut the bonds with Abigail. Elizabeth was a good wife and for John not to at least cut the bonds with Abigail planted questionable doubt in his character from my point of view.

Now as I’m reading Act 2, scene 2 I feel that I follow a little better the decision of John Proctor. At the end of the play when he makes his decision and save his soul, all I thought about was “what about adultery”. But to read this and see that he tried to fight for Elizabeth makes me think better of him as a character in the play and as husband to his family. Especially when Abigail asks him “ You will confess to fornication?” and John responds, “ If you will have it so, so I will tell it”. Saying that he willing confess something that could get him hanged shows his fearlessness and respect he has for Elizabeth as his woman.

In my opinion yes I would include the scene because to me act 2, scene 2 is too important to be left out. Although having the scene would interfere with the plays tempo, this is kind of one of the key moments. This would of totally made everyone realize Abigail is CRAZY. In my opinion anyways. You can’t reason with crazy, this scene really shows that Abigail will do anything to sabotage the relationship between Elizabeth and John. Which I think would have potential for an even bigger climax.

February 9, 2016


If I would be the director of the play I wouldn’t add the scene at the play because if I add the play it would explain everything but it would not make it more interesting because everybody would know what will happened. It would take hole energy in the play. There is no chance the audience to think and make comments about play.

If I don’t add the part people who is watching will think about why did he do something like that and it will get more interesting for them. They will watch the play to figure it out what is happening.

Play is long enough to keep your eyes on it and even when we reading it were hard to keep our mind in the play. There is no need to make it much longer. In that way people would not get more and they would have the chance to think and get away from their problems and they would focus on play more.

Another reason that I wouldn’t add the scene because we would need more equipment and decorations and in this scene they are in forest and it would be hard to prepare the scene. If I do the plays with professional people it wouldn’t be the reason that I wouldn’t add the scene but if I am doing this play in high school kids and we just have limited equipment it would be another reason for me.


February 9, 2016


I would include act 2, scene 2 from the plays appendix. I’d include this into the rest of the play because it goes to show that Abigael is still in love with John Proctor, John Proctor is still in love with his wife.  John goes into the woods to meet Abagail to talk to her about telling the truth about his wife, Elizabeth Proctor. I think Abagail beliefs that John was coming into the woods to meet with her to talk about what she thinks is between them. Abigail says “God made men to listen to me, and by God I will scrub the world clean for the love of him! Oh, John, I will make you such a wife when the world is white again.” Then she kisses his hand. John responds with “If you do not free my wife by tomorrow, I am set and bound to ruin you.” When John said this, Abagail probably was shocked and didn’t know how to respond. She probably was overwhelmed with sadness.. Abagail will not free Elizabeth because she wants to be John Proctors wife, and she knows that if Elizabeth is still in the picture, there is no way she will John’s wife. I find this irritating because John and Elizabeth have a commitment to each other, and a family. Then some young lady comes along and entertains John for a night and now thinks that she has the right to break up their family and commitment between John and his wife. Abagail needs to realize that John is fighting for his wife to survive and that Abagail doesn’t mean anything to him. John created a huge mistake between his wife and himself, but that is for them to figure out, it shouldn’t involve Abagail in it, she shouldn’t have the right to accuse Elizabeth of such a crazy thing just because she wants John to herself.

February 9, 2016


I feel that Act Two, Scene Two should be included in The Crucible. At this point, transitioning through Act Two Elizabeth and John are discussing Abigail and ultimately get into a heated discussion over it. Not so much Elizabeth but John. I think thats mainly due to his amount of guilt he has for having the affair on his wife. I do believe that this scene does start a little awkwardly, meeting Abigail in the woods after having conflict with his wife before doesn’t really look good on Proctors part. Then continuing to speak to her about how all the boys are after her. However, as the scene goes on you start to see the ridiculousness in Abigail’s accusations. Although is was obvious before this takes to another level. The true level of immaturity and child like mind set is evident. Especially when she begins to speak of George Jacobs supposedly not letting her sleep and coming to beat her with a stick every night, but hows that possible when he’s in jail? Proctor notices this but carries on with the conversation until eventually the real reason why he is there is revealed. Proctor brings up his wife and the situation with the court, and begins to threaten and warn Abigail. Proctor makes it known that he refuses for his wife to be condemned and that he will ultimately do whatever it takes to make sure she isn’t. Even if that means confessing his own dark secret of adultery. Although he doesn’t directly say it, he is expressing to Abigail that he wants nothing to do with her and that he will take her down if it be needed. I think this scene should have been included because I believe it makes a relevant statement and helps the audience to have an even better understanding of these specific characters. It shows just how childish Abby is and it also shows how dedicated Proctor is now to his wife too. Even though this is mentioned, and actions have taken place in the previous scenes to make it known, this scene specifically takes it to a more personal level between Abigail and Proctor. On the other hand, I do understand how the scene could be taken to deflect the tempo of the play, but in this situation I think the good out weighs the bad. It helped me to further understand the true thoughts running through the minds of these two characters.


February 9, 2016

arnoliz_extra scene

i think that it doesn’t matter if the scene s included or not.  if its there, its just more insight as to how crazy abigail is.  if its not included     we read the play wo